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My Oak Tree Isn’t Looking Very Good. What Can Be Wrong With It?

Stress can cause even the healthiest of trees to become weak and susceptible to diseases. Many factors can inflict stress upon a tree such as compacted soil, severe weather or dramatic temperature changes. It is always best to contact us to ensure that the health of your trees is protected from damaging stressful conditions.

Are There Serious Tree Diseases That Can Make My Oak Tree Sick?

Yes, there are many destructive diseases that affect oak trees. The diseases stated below are amongst the numerous serious tree ailments that infect oak trees in Southlake, Texas.

  • Oak Wilt: Millions of oak trees in Texas alone have been decimated by this deadly fungal pathogen. Its preferred host tree of choice is the statuesque Shumard red oak but no oak variety is immune to its destruction. Oak wilt disables the tree’s vascular system from dispersing water and nutrients throughout its structure. Premature defoliation and a general thinning appearance are visual indications of oak wilt infection. As this deadly disease can kill an oak tree in less than six months, it is imperative to contact a tree care specialist promptly if you suspect your oak tree is sickly.
  • Sudden Oak Death: There is no known cure for this lethal water mold pathogen that thrives in damp conditions and is easily spread by winds and rain. Spotted leaves and dead branches are indicative of its presence. In the advanced stages of the disease, canker wounds develop and brownish-black bark falling manifests. It is often too late to save the tree and it will die quickly once advanced symptoms become evident. In order to protect your prized oak tree, it is of the utmost importance to enlist the services of an arbor care professional immediately when you observe or suspect your oak is diseased or declining in health.
  • Hypoxylon Canker: This lethal fungal disease is spreading rapidly throughout Southlake and the DFW metroplex area. Tree experts are aggressively working to halt its destruction. Hypoxylon canker affects all oak varieties but only invades trees that have been subjected to stress and are weak and vulnerable. The diseased oak first exhibits a thinning canopy and yellowed leaves but eventually develops brownish-black bark falling and is structurally unstable. At this advanced stage, the tree becomes a threat to life and property and is beyond saving. It is of extreme importance to contact an arborist that treats sick trees if you observe your oak tree is exhibiting these symptoms.

What Can I Do To Improve My Oak Tree’s Health?

Entrusting the care of your residential outdoor environment and your trees to the best arborist in Southlake, Texas will ensure that your residential grounds and stately trees always remain in the best of health and look their best. Trees dramatically enhance your outdoor grounds, provide relaxing shade and greatly increase your property value. The arbor care professionals will customize a continual maintenance and tree health care plan specifically for you and will eliminate you of the concerns and stress of unwanted costly tree removal or tree replacement. Proactive measures to protect the health of your valuable investments is always the best way to guard your trees and residential outdoor grounds.

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