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Tree Fertilization

Root fertilization is more than likely one of the most important matter when regarding your trees. The growth, longevity, and nourishment of your trees are based upon your roots healthiness. It’s all a system that is all intertwined together to keep the tree a living breathing organism.

It is a system that is implanted within the roots where the soil is laying around to give the trees a certain amount of nutrients that is necessary. Trees need the proper attention to get them to flourish the correct way. There’s a process to everything so we have a system set in place to make things work fast and correctly with your trees.

Deep Root Fertilization

Get Your Soil Sampled and Tested On

We have soil sampling test that we test out to labs and they inform us of what the soils may have in them at that very moment. There are a number of nutrients like phosphorous, magnesium, potassium, sulfur, nitrogen, phosphorous, zinc, chlorine, copper, potassium, and boron these are just to name a few out there. Call (817) 697-2884 to get your free soil sample test today!

Trees in Urban Areas Vs. Trees in Rural Areas

Trees often in urban areas are under higher tensions than rural trees. In urban areas trees are more closely together and are working with more. They also after a while get dirt compaction, physical harm, low saturation at times, lawn work and more. These are all factors that we have to keep in mind trees are sensitive like human beings need the proper care to treat them correctly to sustain them to live.

Deep Root Fertilization

The best way of telling whether treatments are needed is evaluating and examining whats in your dirt or in other words soil. In these services, we have to keep in mind a lot of key factors and prospect everything to not miss anything. These test will enable us to inform you of what’s inside your soil, and what to do after for example, adding fertilizers, nutrients, and many other elements to help the trees overall health.

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