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Tree Disease

Truly Arbor Care specializes in the services of tree disease, sick trees, and all kinds of plantations. Our arborist is well trained to enable diagnosing and treatment that is needed for your trees. The ISA (International Society of Arboriculture) and TDA (Texas Department of Agriculture) helps us initiate the proper treatments that will not harm or poison plantations.

All of our processes have been mastered fully to enable us to treat and cure your sick trees or plantations. Tree disease Southlake is no joke when it comes down to it. We have been servicing the Southlake area with lots of solutions for there trees that have worked well over 25+ years now. Sick trees in Southlake need the proper attention and care that is intended.

Diagnosing Tree Diseases

Diagnosing is a serious matter and has to be done by someone that is professionally experienced, properly equipped, and certified with a license to be able to apply treatments legally in the State of Texas. Furthermore, the most recommended platforms of diagnosing your trees with a treatment we supply here with Truly Arbor Care are:

  1. Spring through the foliage of the leaf system
  2. Systemic deep root feeding
  3. Tree Injections

All of these diagnoses are the most recommended throughout the tree and arbor care industry. We highly influence our clients to choose one of the three above to initiate the proper solutions to your dying plantations.

Common Treatments for Tree Disease

Here with us, we are pretty familiar with all kinds of diseases that cause trees to become sick. For example hypoxylon canker, oak wilt, Dutch elms, leaf scorch, root rot, insects infestations, and more in the North Texas region area.

  • Spraying treatment: One of the diagnoses we provide for your plantations that may need it. The easiest and best way that a tree absorbs its nutrients and food is through its vascular system to the root system which is where the absorbing is being done.
  • Systematic deep root feeding: A system set in place to enhance your trees health from the roots up. We believe the best way to treat a tree or plantation is through the roots. This application is a long 8 to 12-inch pipe going into the root system of the trees or plantation this enables and directs the treatment.
  • Tree injections: More than likely the most common diagnoses that most tree and arbor care companies give clients. Truly Arbor Cares injections are safe and assured to cure your trees or plantations disease. We do a number of things we first observe what is needed, apply, and cure. Our process is without a doubt the best and highest quality injections in the industry.
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