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Tree Disease Treatment in Southlake, TX.

Truly Arbor Care has the experience and expertise necessary to accurately diagnose an ailing tree and provide the treatments required to eliminate the disease. We personalize a maintenance care plan that is unique for your residential outdoor environment and one that will keep your trees in the best of health.

Many diseases common throughout Southlake are capable of seriously damaging your tree, but healthy trees have a stronger resistance against insect infestation and ailments. Numerous circumstances can subject the tree to stress and weaken the tree. Contact our arbor care expert at (817) 697-2884 to provide the treatment needed to restore your tree’s health.

Common Diseases and Pests

Trees generally manifest common symptoms when they have been overtaken by a disease or insect predators. Wilted leaves or noticeable early leaf loss are cause for alert. 

  • Does it have an overall thinning appearance to its foliage and branches? 
  • Does the tree have a weak, sick appearance? 

Common problems that many people have with their trees include:

    The tree is thoroughly examined by an ISA certified arborist to determine if the tree’s health is weakened and establish the essential nutrients the tree requires to maintain robust health and vitality.
    The specific minerals and nutrients the tree is in need of are injected directly into its root system.  This increases the tree’s immunity to diseases.
    Tree roots can begin curling when trees are planted in containers or small spaces. Root pruning eliminates this problem and prevents girdled roots from damaging the tree and stunting its growth.
    Ailing trees are most apt to recover successfully when treatment is administered in the early stages of disease infection. This prevents the disease from progressing and possibly destroying the tree.
    Maintaining the health of your trees is always the best defense against tree diseases and insect infestations.  Administering treatment in the beginning will halt disease and destruction from insect infestation.
    Mature and fast-growing trees need strong roots to support their size.  This treatment increases root density and greatly boosts its disease resistance.

Deep Root Fertilization

Deep root fertilization ensures the tree receives the specific nutrients that it requires to maintain a hearty root structure and keep its health robust.  A healthy tree with a strong immune system wards off unwanted diseases and pests!

Tree Disease Treatment

Healthy trees have a natural defense against disease; however, a weakened, stressed tree is unable to combat many ailments common in North Texas.  Our expert staff provides the treatment and care necessary to restore your tree’s health.

  • Oak Wilt Oak trees such as Shumard red oaks along with other popular oak trees are rapidly destroyed by this fungal pathogen.
  • Wood Borer Insects There are several species of wood boring insects that penetrate the inner wood and create destructive tunnels under the bark.
  • Brown Rot This fungal affliction that thrives in excess moisture decays the root structure of fruit trees which produce pit-centered fruit.
  • Anthracnose Brown blotches and spots on leaves is caused by this lethal fungal disease.
  • Powdery Mildew Visually unappealing, this fungus quickly overtakes trees and plants leaving white, powdery spots and blotches on leaves.
  • Leaf Spot Bacteria and fungus cause black spots to rapidly spread on leaves.
  • Root Rot Decayed root systems caused by excessive moisture in the soil renders the tree unstable and can endanger property.
  • Fireblight Leaves and the tips of new growth curl and blacken on fruit trees which produce pit-centered fruit due to infection by this fungal pathogen.
  • Bacterial Slime Flux An unpleasant stench and slimy liquid oozing from tree wounds indicates this disease caused by a variety of bacterial agents which thrive in soil and water.
  • Dutch Elm The tree’s vascular system is shut down by this pathogen, preventing the tree from distributing nutrients throughout its structure and killing the elm tree within several months.
  • Hypoxylon Canker the tree is not treated in the early stages of disease progression. Learn more of the effects of Hypoxylon Canker and the prevention steps.
  • Texas Root Rot This deadly fungal pathogen targets the tree’s root system and visible indications do not appear until the final weeks of a tree’s life.
  • Pine Tip Blight This fungal infection targets mature pine trees and causes needle loss, discoloration and stunted new growth.
  • Chlorosis Responsible for the green color of leaves. Learn more about Chlorosis disease and the treatments currently available.
  • Phytophthora A type of water mold known as oomycete, plants are unable to absorb nutrients and water. Learn more about Phytothora disease and the treatments currently available.
  • Seiridium Canker Also known as Cypress Canker. Learn more about Seiridium Canker disease and the treatments currently available.

As some tree diseases progress quickly and may sometimes result in the death of the tree, it is best to contact an arbor care expert when you first suspect or notice that your tree doesn’t appear healthy.  An ailing tree will recover quicker and suffer less damage when the illness is addressed in the early stages of invasion.  Contact Truly Arbor Care at (817) 697-2884 for disease diagnosis and treatment methods needed for your sick tree. Enlisting the services of a certified arborist is the best way to eliminate and prevent destructive insect infestation and tree ailments.

Tree Disease Prevention

A healthy, robust tree is much more resilient to harmful pathogens and damaging insect pests. Deep root fertilization treatments provide proper nutrients directly to the tree’s root system and boost the tree’s immunity. Soil aeration and controlled watering methods further support the tree’s health and vitality. 

Many uncontrolled issues, such as severe climate conditions, can weaken and stress a tree so the best defense is to support and protect your tree’s health and wellness. As many tree ailments and unwanted insects can overtake entire neighborhoods, it is important to initiate preventative measures so your trees and landscape are not harmed.

Certified Tree Specialists

At Truly Arbor Care, our ISA certified professionals are highly-acquainted with all tree diseases and have expert knowledge in administering the necessary treatments. We personalize the maintenance and care plan for your particular environment to alleviate your concerns of tree diseases damaging your landscape. Call our tree care specialists at (817) 697-2884 to schedule an appointment with an arbor care professional who will answer all of your questions and address your personal tree care needs.

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