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Certified Arborist in Colleyville, TX.

With years of extensive experience in the DFW metroplex area, we provide all the services you need to keep your trees and landscape beautiful and healthy!  Whether it be a treatment for unhealthy trees, tree pest problems or maintenance care to ensure your trees remain in robust health, our arbor care professionals are ISA certified and well able to address your tree care needs!!  

Dallas-Fort Worth Tree Care

Your trees are valuable investments that greatly enhance your outdoor environment and add value to your property.  Maintaining their health is of the utmost importance.  Are your trees exhibiting premature defoliation?  Have you noticed broken branches on the ground?  Is bark falling?  These are but a few of the symptoms of unhealthy trees.  Proactive tree health care is the best defense against unwanted diseases!

    A destructive tree disease can be avoided by evaluating the tree’s health and providing the care it needs to remain strong and healthy.
    Deep root fertilization makes certain your tree receives the nutrients it requires to maintain a strong root system and vascular structure, as well as aerating the soil.
     Trees planted in small spaces can develop girdled root systems that may stunt the tree’s growth.  Root pruning prevents this problem.
    Many tree varieties grow quickly and their root systems may not be strong enough to support them in high winds and inclement weather.  
    If you observe or suspect your tree is sick, early treatment is the best way to prevent serious tree damage from occurring.
    When you first observe insects on your trees and notice your tree is losing its vitality then it is imperative to have treatment administered by a tree expert.

Deep Root Fertilization

Topical lawn fertilization does not ensure the tree receives the specific nutrients it requires.  With deep root fertilization, an arbor care expert injects the necessary nutrients into the tree’s root structure.  This important treatment also aerates the soil and prevents root problems that compacted soil can cause.

Tree Disease Treatment

Many factors such as turbulent weather, construction projects, and tree wounds from lawncare can stress and weaken a tree.  Although healthy trees naturally have a defense against diseases, a stressed tree has less tolerance to some of the common  tree diseases listed below:

  • Dutch Elm
    Texas elm trees are highly susceptible to this quick-spread vascular pathogen that prevents the tree from distributing water and nutrients within its structure.  Left untreated, it can kill a tree in less than two months.
  • Leaf Spot
    Unsightly black spots that cover leaves are caused by numerous bacterial and fungal pathogens.
  • Bacterial Slime Flux
    Caused by a bacterial agent, foul-smelling liquid seeps from tree wounds.
  • Powdery Mildew
    Appearing as if the flour has been sprinkled on leaves, this fungal disease can quickly spread throughout your landscape. Click here for more info about Powdery Mildew!
  • Bacterial Leaf Scorch
    This bacterial nemesis produces brown edges and spots on leaves and makes them appear as if they’ve been burned.
  • Sudden Oak Death
    Spreading quickly via wind and rain, this water mold assailant can rapidly kill oak trees.
  • Seiridium Canker
    Preferring Leyland Cyprus and other popular fir varieties, this destructive pathogen invades stressed and wounded trees.
  • Brown Rot
    Of fungal origin, pet-centered fruit trees develop rotting root structures when invaded by this disease.
  • Anthracnose
    This lethal fungal tree disease causes brown spots on leaves and ultimately destroys them.

Oak Wilt Treatment

Shumard red oaks are frequently targeted by this deadly fungal tree disease, as are numerous popular oak tree varieties.  Rapidly overtaking oak trees, millions of Texas oaks have been destroyed by oak wilt.  When your oak tree appears to be declining in health it is imperative to contact a tree doctor immediately.

Pest Control

Many commonly-seen insect pests in Colleyville, Texas are not only irritating but are capable of rapidly invading your outdoor environment.  Without treatment, some insects can cause the death of your trees and plants.  Our experienced arbor care experts are highly skilled in treating and eliminating these insect nuisances including, but not limited to, the following:


    Unusual cone-shaped objects hanging from your tree are casings to hide deceptive worms that, left untreated, can destroy the tree.


    Appearing in spring, these 1/4″ long insects infest oak, ash, willow, and numerous popular Texas trees.


    Reproducing at an alarming rate, these bump-like insects siphon fluids from leaves and render unsightly damage.


    Insect larvae enter the tree through its bark and eat winding tunnels through the inner wood structure.  Left untreated, they can kill the tree.


    These tiny insects rapidly overtake a landscape and inflict visibly displeasing damage to leaves by siphoning the nutrients from the foliage.

  • These destructive worms spin visually appalling white webs in trees to hide in while they feed upon the tree’s leaves.

ISA Certified Arborist

No matter what you are dealing with, we at Truly Arbor Care have the extensive experience to address all of your tree care needs.  Be it obviously sick trees, insect problems or your desire to maintain your tree’s health by establishing a care and maintenance plan, our ISA certified arborists will relieve you of all your concerns and see to it that your treasured trees remain healthy and strong!  Contact us for a consultation at (817) 697-2884


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