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No matter what your tree and landscape needs are, our ISA certified arborists have the knowledge and experience to provide the service you require.  Are you noticing declining trees or branches falling?  Is your statement tree revealing premature defoliation?  Would you like to have a plan of action designed specifically for you to protect the health of your trees?  Our family of tree care specialists will eliminate your concerns and provide the service and care you desire!

Dallas-Fort Worth Tree Care

Protecting your beautiful investment trees requires ensuring that they always remain healthy and strong.  Destructive tree diseases and insect infestations primarily occur when a tree is lacking in health.  Tree removal and replacing dead trees can be extremely costly.  Trees greatly increase your property value, as well as providing cooling shade and lowering your electric bill!


    Ruinous tree diseases can be avoided by assessing the tree’s health condition and ensuring that the tree receives the adequate nutrients to maintain its vitality.


    By injecting the specific nutrients the tree needs, its strength and resistance to ailments are tremendously increased.  


    Roots that twist around the tree’s baseline due to crowded conditions can stunt the tree’s growth.  Root pruning rectifies this problem.


    Some tree varieties grow very quickly and their roots are not strong enough to support their stature.  With tree growth regulators, their immunity is increased.

    Treating severely infected trees can be costly and burdensome.  When you first observe or suspect your tree’s health is waning.
    Not only are insect problems and tree diseases destructive, but serious damage can occur if treatment is not administered quickly.

Deep Root Fertilization

The soil in residential neighborhoods is often compacted from construction and is nutrient-deficient.  Deep root fertilization administered by a tree care expert injects the specific nutrients the tree needs directly into its root structure.  Trees that receive this important treatment annually remain in prime health and are much more resistant to tree diseases.  In addition, the compacted soil is corrected by this treatment.  The soil is aerated, permitting the tree’s roots adequate room to grow.

Tree Disease Treatment

Nothing can weaken a healthy tree like stress.  Stress can be caused by many factors such as turbulent weather conditions.  Although healthy trees have a natural tolerance against tree diseases, stress can weaken a tree and cause it to become more susceptible to destructive pathogens.  

  • Texas Root Rot
    Spreading rapidly through Texas, this deadly fungal pathogen thrives in textured soil, invades over 2000 different tree and plant varieties and destroys the tree’s root system.
  • Fire blight
    Black curled ends on new growth and curled leaves are caused by this fungal disease that infects pome fruit trees.
  • Ganoderma
    Mushroom-like structures at a tree’s baseline are evidence of this lethal fungal assailant that is also known as heart root because it destroys the tree from the inside out.
  • Leaf Spot
    Unsightly black spots that cover tree foliage are caused by bacterial and fungal pathogens.
  • Bacterial Slime Flux
    A nauseating slime seeping from tree wounds and causing streaking on the tree’s bark is due to this disease that invades tree cankers.
  • Seiridium Canker
    Leyland cypress trees and other arborvitae are targeted by this destructive pathogen that produces random brown branches amongst green branches within the same tree.
  • Powdery Mildew
    This swift-spreading fungus quickly overtakes the outdoor residence and produces white dusty spots all over tree and plant leaves.
  • Anthracnose
    This lethal fungal nemesis produces brown odd-shaped blotches on tree leaves and destroys them.
  • Chlorosis
    Iron-deficient soil is the primary cause for this disease that renders pale yellow of lack of chlorophyll. 

Oak Wilt Treatment

Stately Shumard red oak trees are a centerpiece in a residential outdoor environment.  Unfortunately, they are most affected by this lethal fungal disease that targets all oak tree varieties.  This deadly fungal pathogen has already killed millions of oaks throughout Texas and its destruction is increasing.  Oak wilt impairs the tree’s vascular structure and prevents the oak from dispersing required water and nutrients throughout its system.  Infected oak trees often die within six months; therefore, it’s urgent to contact an arborist that treats sick trees at your first suspicion that your oak tree’s health is declining.

Pest Control

Aside from the visible disturbances that insect problems create, they reproduce rapidly and can quickly infiltrate your habitat grounds.  Left untreated, insect infestations frequently lead to the death of trees and plants.  Our tree doctors and ISA certified arborists have extensive experience in eliminating these ruinous nuisances.  Below are a few that our professionals frequently encounter in our area:


    Although microscopic in size, their bite marks, and webs on the underside of leaves create appalling destruction to trees.

  • As these insects attach themselves to leaves and do not move, they often go unnoticed.  They cause wilted leaves.


     Destructive larvae enter the tree through its bark and eat elaborate winding tunnels through the tree’s core, ultimately destroying the tree.


     These unsightly white webbing bags filling tree branches are encasements for worms that feed on tree’s foliage inside.


    Destroying the vascular system of the tree, these emerald green beetles only infest ash trees and the tree will exhibit thinning foliage.


    These tiny insects reproduce rapidly, cluster together on plant leaves and stem and siphon the liquids out of them.

ISA Certified Arborist

Devoted to providing the best tree care in the Keller area for over 25 years, our family owned and operated business with four tree doctors and ISA certified arborists will provide the treatments and tree health care services you need and are interested in receiving.  We welcome the opportunity to meet with you!  Contact us today at (817) 697-2884!


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