Pine Tip Blight Treatment in Southlake, TX.

Is your large, mature fir tree exhibiting pine needle loss? Are the new needles turning yellow or brown? These are early symptoms of pine tip blight disease. Call us today at (817) 697-2884 and schedule a free consultation with our tree expert. Pine Tip Blight Treatment in Southlake, TX, call (817) 697-2884 for an Pine Tip Blight diagnosing!

Pine Tip Blight Treatment

Pine Tip Blight Treatment? Call Truly Arbor Care of Southlake!

Diagnosing Pine Tip Blight Disease

Established neighborhoods in Southlake, Texas and the North Texas region have lost many of their majestic pine trees due to this destructive fungal disease. This fungal pathogen does not infect young, healthy conifers but instead targets large, mature fir trees that have been subjected to stressful conditions or wounding. Austrian pine is its choice host, but many pine tree varieties that are common throughout our area are at risk, including Douglas fir and Ponderosa pine. Fungal spores multiply rapidly during wet spring weather and are easily spread by wind and rain.

Early symptoms of pine tip blight infection include stunted new needle growth, needle discoloration, and needle loss. The disease progresses, the fir tree's vascular system cannot disperse water and nutrients throughout its structure. The diseased tree develops excessive cankers, dead branches and tiny black spots on needles, pine cones, and its bark. Left untreated, pine tip blight will kill the tree. It is of prime importance to contact the best arborist in Southlake, Texas when you sense your stately conifer is declining.

Treatment Of Pine Tip Blight

Our ISA certified arborist will perform a tree health assessment, complete a tree evaluation report and will determine the specific treatment necessary to halt the progression of this disease. Dead trees and ground debris must be removed immediately by a professional tree removal service. Early treatment is essential to save a pine tree from this deadly fungal pathogen. Truly Arbor Care is devoted and passionate about caring for the beautiful, majestic trees throughout our Southlake, Texas neighborhoods. Our family of arbor care professionals has extensive experience and knowledge and will ensure that your prized trees are protected and healthy. If you have Pine Tip Blight on your property, call (817) 697-2884 for a free consultation from a certified arborist in Southlake, TX.