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Signs of Sickness in Trees

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My Trees Are Not Looking Well. How Do I Know If They Are Sick?

It is very difficult for most homeowners to recognize that their trees are sick until the tree disease has progressed into the advanced stages of infection. The best way to know for certain if your trees are sick is to contact an experienced tree company right away. Their tree doctors, ISA certified arborists and tree care experts are well-acquainted with the diseases that are most common in Southlake, as well as all tree diseases that are prevalent throughout the United States. With their extensive knowledge and experience in the Texas arbor care industry, tree care specialists are able to provide you with the finest care for your trees.

What Are Signs of Sickness in Trees?

There are common symptoms that trees reveal when they are sick. Although different tree diseases manifest different specific indications of their invasion, the following signs are generally present when trees are sick:

    Foliage free from blemishes and that are the appropriate color for the time of year are what a healthy tree will have.  Yellow or browning leaves indicate that the tree is sick.  Dark or black spots, dried edges and unsightly blotches are symptoms of numerous tree diseases.  An arborist that treats sick trees should be contacted immediately if you notice any of these issues on the leaves of your trees.
    An overall thinning appearance throughout the tree indicates the tree is sick.  Trees that are healthy will have full branches, a thick canopy and no bare areas.
    A robust, healthy tree has bark that is solid and a consistent depth on its trunk.  Bare spots, peeling, flaking, chipping and bark falling occur when the tree is sick.
    When branches are falling from your tree or you observe dead branches on your habitat grounds then the tree is ailing.  A tree doctor should be contacted promptly if you are experiencing these issues with the tree.  Healthy branches should be flexible and not break when bent.
    When the trees are shedding their leaves in excess then they are sick trees.  Foliage loss should occur only during the appropriate season for leaf shedding.  Premature defoliation is firm confirmation the trees are weak and sick.  It is of the utmost importance to contact a tree care specialist promptly.
    Standing water occurs throughout neighborhoods in Southlake, Texas.  Many destructive fungal pathogens thrive in water and excessive soil moisture.  Wet conditions decay tree roots and aid in spreading serious tree diseases.  An experienced tree company will correct these areas throughout your residential grounds, ensure that there is sufficient drainage for your trees and guard their health.
What Can I Do To Improve The Appearance and Health of My Trees?

It is always best to entrust the care of your residential outdoor living environment to an experienced tree company. Early diagnosis and treatment is crucial when your trees are sick. After the tree care specialist administers any treatments for tree diseases that are needed, they will administer the treatments that elevate the vitality of your trees. Preventative care is important to prevent tree diseases from being able to invade your trees.

    We strongly advise you to provide this key treatment for your trees. A highly-trained tree expert injects under pressure into the tree’s root zone the specific liquid nutrients the tree needs to remain healthy. Soil is aerated by the injected oxygen and any soil compaction is corrected.  Trees that receive this important health treatment annually are 95% less apt to develop tree sickness.
    Unintentional tree wounds can occur from weed trimmers, shovels and high activity within close vicinity of the tree. Many tree diseases invade the tree through wounds and abrasions. It is always best to entrust the care of your residential grounds to an arbor care company. They will make certain that accidental tree wounding does not take place.
    An ISA certified arborist carefully analyzes the health status of the tree and delivers a tree evaluation report. This will inform you if the tree is weak and vulnerable to diseases. The necessary nutrients the tree needs to remain healthy will be determined by the ISA certified arborist.
    Trees must have adequate sunlight; therefore, over-crowded branches create problems. Regular tree pruning by a tree pruning service ensure that the tree is receiving proper sunlight and that air flows sufficiently throughout the branches.
    In Texas, summers can be very hot and we often experience drought-like conditions. Soil drenching administered and directed by a tree care expert ensures that your trees receive the proper amount of water that they need.
    It is always the best approach to make certain the tree receives treatment for diseases when the tree is first infected. As with any illness, the longer diseases progress then the more damage they can cause. Many diseases can inflict serious destruction to the tree and ultimately destroy it if the sickness is left untreated. Always entrust the care of your trees to the best arborist is Southlake, Texas and have confidence in knowing your trees will remain healthy and beautiful.

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