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Certified Arborist in Fairview, TX.

ISA certification is a lengthy process that demands to complete and accomplishing many requirements the International Society of Arboriculture expects.  Texas ISA certified arborists have extensive experience in the tree care industry and adhere to the ISA’s high code of ethics.  Would you like to learn about a continuing care maintenance plan designed specifically for you?  Are you noticing signs of a dying tree?  Whatever the tree care issues or questions you have are, the ISA certified arborists here at Truly Arbor Care have the extensive knowledge and experience needed to provide the service you deserve! 


Dallas-Fort Worth Tree Care

 Maintaining the health of your trees protects your outdoor grounds and also prevents the unwanted costs of tree removal or tree replacement.  Your trees don’t just enhance your residence but also provide cooling shade and increase your property value.  Health treatments that our arbor care professionals administer ensure that your trees remain strong and resistant to diseases.



    Analyzing the health status of your trees enables you to be certain they are receiving the adequate nutrition they need to remain strong and full of vitality.


    This treatment involves injecting the specific minerals and nutrients the tree requires directly into its root system.


    Frequently, young trees are planted in small spaces and develop twisted roots as they grow.  Root pruning corrects this problem.


    Fast-growing trees frequently don’t have roots that are strong enough to support them.  This treatment increases root density.


    Destruction of the tree can be prevented by having treatment administered during the beginning stages of disease infection.


     Dealing with insect infestations and tree diseases can be stressful.  Contact us promptly who will administer the required treatment and alleviate your worries.

Deep Root Fertilization

Administered only by a highly-skilled arbor care expert, the tree’s needed minerals and nutrients are injected directly into its root structure below grass roots.  This ensures the tree receives the nutrition it needs that topical lawn fertilization does not provide.  Soil aeration is delivered by this highly-important treatment and soil compaction is eliminated.  The result is a tree that is 95% less likely to become disease-inflicted if this treatment is administered annually, and the tree’s roots are able to grow without restriction.

Tree Disease Treatment

Although healthy trees naturally have a higher tolerance against diseases, stressful conditions can weaken a tree and make it susceptible to tree ailments.  Stress can be caused by a variety of issues such as inadequate sunlight, nutrient-deficient soil or severe weather conditions.  A tree care specialist will advise you on how to maintain your tree’s health and ward off the many diseases common throughout the DFW metroplex.

  • Anthracnose
    Brown blotchy areas and spots on leaves are caused by this deadly fungal pathogen. Leaves are eventually destroyed by anthracnose.
  • Bacterial Leaf Scorch
    If your leaves appear as if they’ve been burned or exhibit scored edges they have been infected by this bacterial ailment.
  • Texas Root Rot
    Killing a tree within a few weeks after it appears to be declining, this deadly fungal pathogen targets the root system and infects over 2000 different tree and plant varieties.
  • Ganoderma
    This terrifying fungal disease is also known as heart rot because it destroys a tree’s entire vascular system. Mushroom-shaped growths at the tree’s baseline are indicative of infection.
  • Seiridium Canker
    Leyland cypress and other fir varieties are targets by this disease that causes dead branches to manifest within a tree’s green healthy-appearing limbs.
  • Chlorosis
    Iron-deficient soil is most often the cause of this disease. Leaves turn pale yellow due to their lack of chlorophyll.
  • Leaf Spot
    Unsightly, ugly black spots covering foliage are caused by numerous fungal and bacterial pathogens.
  • Powdery Mildew
    Overtaking outdoor grounds rapidly, this fungal disease causes white powdery spots to manifest on tree foliage and plant leaves.
  • Fireblight
    Tree producing pit-centered fruit are targeted by this fungal pathogen that causes leaves and new shoot growth to turn black and curl into a hook-like ends. 

Oak Wilt Treatment

Many of our community’s astounding Shumard red oak trees have been destroyed by this lethal oak tree nemesis.  Although they are the preferred target of this disease, millions of oaks in Texas have died from oak wilt and no oak variety is safe.  An infected oak tree can die in less than six months; therefore, do not hesitate to contact an arborist that treats sick trees if you observe or suspect that your prized oak tree’s health is diminishing.

Pest Control

Insect infestations can rapidly overtake your entire residential grounds if treatment is not administered when they first appear.  Not only are they visually disturbing, but they can eventually invade your home and cause the death of your trees and plants.  Our certified arborists and tree doctors are highly-familiar with the insect pests common in our area.  They frequently encounter these insect nuisances and administer treatments to eliminate them.


    These deceptive insects target fir trees and shade varieties. They hide within small cone-shaped structures laced with leaves and bark.

  • Tiny bumps covering your plant’s leaves and stems are these swift-spreading insects that siphon nutritional fluids from the leaves.

    These large, vibrant green beetles destroy the vascular system of ash varieties. They are difficult to miss, and thinning foliage.
    Unsightly white webbing bags filling your tree branches are spun by these worms that hide within to protect themselves.

    Invading the tree through its bark, the larvae eat complex winding tunnels throughout the tree’s inner core wood.

    Tiny holes and filmy webbing on leaves are indicative of these microscopically small pests that reproduce rapidly.

ISA Certified Arborist

Our friendly, experienced tree care specialists here at Truly Arbor Care have been providing for the care of trees in our community for over 25 years.  Whatever your tree care needs or concerns are, the tree doctors, ISA certified arborists and tree experts here are ready to provide the care you need!  Call us today and schedule a free consultation with one of our arbor care professionals!


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