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Certified Arborist in Lipan, TX.

You can count on our ISA certified arborists!  Their invaluable knowledge, dedication, and devotion that the International Society of Arboriculture requires to enable them to answer all of your tree care questions and address the needs for your trees and residential grounds.  Whether you are pondering what to do about declining trees or desire a customized tree care continual maintenance plan to ensure the health of your trees and plants, our ISA certified arborists are well-able to provide the care you need. 


Dallas-Fort Worth Tree Care

Your trees are invaluable.  Not only are they visually pleasing in your outdoor habitat, but they provide cooling shade, lower your electric bill and increase your property value tremendously.  The high costs associated with dead tree removal, combating serious tree diseases and tree replacement can be burdensome.  Protecting their health is always the best defense against unwanted worries and expenses.  There are numerous treatments that protect the strength and well-being of your trees.


    Performed by an ISA certified arborist, we are able to correct any indications of disease vulnerability and protect your tree’s health.


    Liquid fertilizer solution is injected under pressure deep into the root system of the tree, ensuring the tree receives the nutrients it requires.


    Trees planted in containers or tight spaces can develop girdled roots, which prevents the flow of nutrients throughout its structure. 


     One of the most beneficial treatments for mature trees.  It lasts for 5 years and increases root density and the tree’s resistance to disease, heat, and drought.


    No matter what destructive pathogen your tree may be infected by, our tree experts are well-able to administer the determined necessary treatment.


    There are numerous insect pests and tree diseases common throughout north Texas.  Early treatment for these burdensome problems is most successful. 

Deep Root Fertilization

Administered by a highly-trained tree expert, this valuable treatment injects the liquid mineral and nutrient fertilizer under high pressure directly into the tree’s root zone.  This makes certain the tree receives adequate nutrition, escalating its disease resistance.  The injected oxygen aerates the soil and the problems soil compaction can cause.  Trees that receive this key treatment annually are 95% less likely to develop diseases and have a strong, healthy root structure.

Tree Disease Treatment

Healthy trees are not susceptible to many disease issues; however, stress can weaken a tree and increase its vulnerability to diseases.  A tree can become stressed from many factors such as improper watering, tumultuous weather conditions or poor soil quality.  Maintaining your tree’s health is always the best way to guard against the many common tree diseases prevalent throughout our area.

  • Brown Rot
    Fungal pathogens target pome fruit trees and decay their roots due to excess moisture in the soil.
  • Pine Tip Blight
    Also known as Diplodia, this fungal disease targets mature pine tree varieties and cause needle discoloration, needles loss, and stunted growth. Without treatment, the tree ultimately dies
  • Texas Root Rot
    Spreading rapidly and thriving in clay-like chunky soil, over 2000 tree and plant varieties are in danger of this lethal fungal disease that can destroy a tree within just a few weeks after visible symptoms manifest.
  • Ganoderma                                        Mushroom-like structures at the tree’s base are indicative of this deadly fungal disease that destroys a tree’s entire vascular structure. Also know as heart rot, a severely infected tree can topple over and threaten lives and property.
  • Bacterial Leaf Scorch
    Leaves appear burned or exhibit dry, brown edges when infected by this bacterial ailment.
  • Chlorosis                                             Chlorophyll deprivation causes pale yellow leaves and is most frequently due to lack of iron within the soil. 
  • Sudden Oak Death
    Destroying oak trees quickly, wind and rain spread this water mold pathogen swiftly.
  • Leaf Spot
    This is the common name for a collective group of bacterial and fungal pathogens that cause leaves to develop unsightly black spots.
  • Powdery Mildew
    Spreading rapidly, white powdery flour-like spots and blotches on tree foliage and plant leaves are indicative of this fungal disease.

Oak Wilt Treatment

Infecting many oak tree varieties, this lethal fungal pathogen favors the regal Shumard red oak and millions of Texas oak trees have died from oak wilt infection.  The tree’s vascular system is shut down, preventing it from dispersing water and nutrients throughout its structure.  Arborists that treat sick trees are aggressively battling oak wilt because it kills a tree within six months after infection.  If you have a desire to protect your tree from oak wilt invasion or even suspect your oak tree’s health is waning, contact an experienced tree company immediately!

Pest Control

Insect infestations are not only bothersome and annoying, but they can destroy your trees and plants and swiftly overtake your entire residential grounds.  Without treatment, many common insect pests in the DFW metroplex will ruin your trees, plants, and landscape.  Early treatment is the best approach to preventing the excessive damage these insect problems can cause.


    Eating fir tree needles, these deceptive insects create small cone-shaped bags laced with bark and leaves to hide within.  

  • Jewel-toned green beetles destroy the vascular system of ash trees.  Thinning foliage and bark holes indicate their infestation.


    Immobile bumps on leaves are scale insects that extract nutrients from foliage.  A severe infestation will cause black mold growth.


    Unsightly white webbing encasements strewn throughout tree branches are caused by these caterpillars that hide inside.


    Tiny bite marks on the top-side of leaves and webbing on the underside indicate infestation by these swift-spreading microscopic pests.


    Small holes in the trunk and branches, needle discoloration and peeling bark are indicative of these beetles that are spreading through Texas.

ISA Certified Arborist

Our locally owned and family operated tree service company has been providing for your tree care needs throughout our community for over 25 years.  At Truly Arbor Care, our dedicated family of licensed and insured tree care experts is devoted to administering all treatments you need and protecting the health of your trees and plants.  Contact us today at (817) 697-2884 and schedule a free consultation with our tree expert!


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