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Here at Truly Arbor Care, our family owned and operated arbor care company has been serving the residents in the DFW metroplex area for over 25 years.  Our tree doctors and ISA certified arborists maintain the high standards and provide the quality service that you deserve.  Whether you are dealing with insect infestations, declining trees or want to establish a maintenance regimen to protect the health of your trees and landscape, our friendly family of experts is here to serve you!  

Dallas-Fort Worth Tree Care

Trees are statement-making showpieces that enhance your residential outdoor environment and also greatly increase the value of your property.  Costly expenses from tree removal, tree replacement and battling devastating tree diseases can be avoided by enacting treatments that protect the tree’s health.


    With a tree health assessment, we can be certain the tree receives the nutrients it requires to maintain a robust and resilient healthy structure.


    Injected directly into the tree’s root zone, the specific nutrients the tree requires ensure the tree maintains a strong, robust vitality.


    Twisted roots that girdle the tree’s trunk can stunt its growth and damage the tree.  Root pruning protects the tree’s health.


    The density of the tree’s root system is increased, enabling the roots to support a statuesque tree. The tree’s health is robust and its immunity to disease.


     Infected trees can damage your landscape and cause you to incur costly expenses.  Protecting your tree’s health is the best way to prevent destructive diseases.


    Insect infestations and tree diseases can inflict serious damage to your trees and even eventually destroy them.  Contact a tree doctor immediately to administer treatment if you notice insect pests.

Deep Root Fertilization

This important treatment injects the specific nutrients the tree needs directly into its root zone.  Administered annually by a trained arbor care expert, the likelihood of the tree contacting an infectious disease is reduced by 95%.  In addition to boosting the tree’s health system, the air injected into the soil rectifies soil compaction that can inhibit root growth.


Tree Disease Treatment

Even though strong, robust healthy trees have a natural defense against disease, stress can weaken the tree and cause it to become vulnerable to dangerous ailments.  Many factors, such as turbulent weather, can cause a tree to become weak and stressed.  Many commonly-seen tree diseases prey upon weak, damaged trees.  Some that our tree experts frequently encounter include the following:


  • Sudden Oak Death
    This lethal water mold pathogen that kills oak trees swiftly is spread easily throughout the habitat grounds by wind and rain.
  • Chlorosis
    Most frequently caused by iron-deficient soil, chlorosis causes leaves to fade to pale yellow due to the lack of chlorophyll.
  • Ganoderma
    Also known as heart rot, Ganoderma is the most devastating fungal tree disease known and destroys the entire inner structure of the tree.
  • Leaf Spot
    Unsightly black spots covering tree foliage are caused by a variety of bacterial and fungal pathogens.
  • Powdery Mildew
    This swift-spreading fungus rapidly overtakes the entire residential grounds and causes excessive white dusty spots of tree and plant leaves.
  • Seiridium Canker
    Random brown branches amongst green branches on the same tree are caused by seiridium canker, a serious disease that targets Leyland Cypress and other fir tree varieties.
  • Bacterial Slime Flux
    Tree wounds begin oozing a liquid that emits a strong stench and causes unsightly streaks on the tree’s bark.
  • Brown Rot
    Fruit trees that produce pit-centered fruit are invaded by this fungal pathogen that decays the tree’s root structure.
  • Bacterial Leaf Scorch
    Leaves that have dried, brown edges and large areas that appear burned indicate the presence of this visually undesirable tree disease.



Oak Wilt Treatment

Millions of Texas oak trees have been destroyed by this lethal fungal disease.  Majestic Shumard red oak trees are highly targeted by this nemesis and other oak varieties are destroyed by oak wilt as well.  This serious disease progresses rapidly; therefore, it is urgent to contact a tree care specialist at the first indications that your oak tree’s health is declining.


Pest Control

Not only are insect pests an irritating nuisance, but they can rapidly infest your entire outdoor habitat and cause the death of your trees if treatment is not administered.  Many insect pests are common in the DFW metroplex and our certified arborists and tree doctors frequently administer treatment for the following:



    No ash tree variety is safe from this jewel-tone green battle that impairs the tree’s vascular system and causes foliage.

  • Wilted leaves and a sickly appearance is caused by these bump-like insects that extract nutritional fluids from the tree’s leaves.


    These destructive worms spin unattractive white webbed encasements in trees to protect themselves from bird predators.


    Cottonwood, willow and poplar trees are targeted by this large black and ivory beetles that invades the tree’s root structure and inflicts holes.


    These tiny insects rapidly infest the entire residential grounds and extract the fluids from tree and plant leaves.


    These destructive larvae enter the tree through its bark and eat elaborate winding tunnels all through the inner wood core.

ISA Certified Arborist

Our experienced, friendly tree care professionals here at Truly Arbor Care are well-able to provide all the necessary treatments your trees require.  Protecting the health of your trees is important to us!  Contact us today at (817) 697-2884!


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