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Certified Arborist in Oak Trail Shores, TX.

An ISA certified arborist must exhibit the high standards of honor and integrity of the International Society of Arboriculture represents.  The ISA requires years of experience in the tree care industry, completion of extensive testing and the commitment to always provide the best quality to the community.  You can rest assured that any of your tree care needs or personal tree health maintenance desires will be provided by an ISA certified arborist.

Dallas-Fort Worth Tree Care

Maintaining the health of your trees is the proactive way to protect your valuable living investments.  Stately trees grace your residential outdoor environment, provide cooling shade, lower your electric bill and greatly increase your property value.  When a tree’s health is declining, the high costs associated with tree replacement or treating serious tree diseases are never welcomed.  Our experienced tree company is able to provide you with the treatments necessary to protect the health of your trees.


    By examining the tree, we are able to assess the tree’s health status and ensure that it receives the nutrients it requires to remain strong and healthy.


    Liquid minerals and nutrients the tree requires are injected directly into the tree’s root structure, escalating the tree’s resistance to disease.


    Girdled roots greatly damage a tree and stunt its growth.  Root pruning prevents this problem from occurring.


    Tall or mature trees often do not have a strong enough root system to support their stature.  Tree growth regulators increase root density.


    Sick trees are most apt to recover successfully when treatment is administered during the beginning stages of the disease’s advancement.


    When you first observe or suspect your tree is battling insect pests or is waning in health, contact an arborist that treats sick trees immediately.

Deep Root Fertilization

After evaluating the tree’s specific nutritional needs, liquid minerals and nutrients are injected directly into the tree’s root zone by a highly-trained, experienced tree expert.  The injected oxygen aerates the soil, eliminating soil compaction and the problems it can cause.  The tree’s health is invigorated, its root structure expands and it is 95% less likely to become infected by disease if this key treatment is administered annually.

Tree Disease Treatment

Stressful situations can greatly affect the tree’s health and weaken it, making it vulnerable to dangerous diseases.  Stress can be caused by numerous factors such as accidental wounding from construction projects, damaging weather or inadequate sunlight or watering.  Guarding the health of your trees is essential to protect them from the many diseases that are common throughout the DFW metroplex area.

  • Pine Tip Blight
    Caused by the diplodia fungus, this targets mature fir varieties and causes new needle growth to turn brown and fall off. Click here to learn more about Pine Tip Blight.
  • Brown Rot
    This fungal pathogen thrives in excess moisture and decays the roots of pit-centered fruit trees. Click here to learn more about Brown Rot disease the treatments available.
  • Chlorosis
    Chlorophyll is what provides leaves with their green color. Without it, the leaves turn pale yellow. This condition  is most frequently due to insufficient iron in the soil.
  • Sudden Oak Death
    Oak trees die rapidly when infected by this water mold pathogen that is spread via splashing rain and wind.
  • Seiridium Canker
    Leyland cypress and other fir varieties develop dead branches amongst healthy green branches within the same tree (known as flagging) when they are infected by this damaging disease.
  • Ganoderma
    The deadliest fungal tree disease known, it is also called heart rot because it destroys the tree’s inner structure. A severely infected tree can topple over and endanger life and property.
  • Bacterial Slime Flux
    Rancid-smelling slimy liquid seeps from the tree wounds, streaking and discoloring the tree’s bark. Click here to learn more about Bacterial Slime Flux and the harmful effects.
  • Powdery Mildew
    White spots appearing as sprinkled flour cover tree foliage and plant leaves when infected by this rapid-spreading fungal disease.
  • Bacterial Leaf Scorch
    Leaves that appear burned or have crispy brown edges are infected by the collective group of bacterial and fungal pathogens.

Oak Wilt Treatment

Eye-catching Shumard red oaks are the target-of-choice, but no oak variety is safe from this deadly fungal pathogen.  Millions of oak trees in Texas alone have died as a result of oak wilt infection.  This lethal disease prevents the tree from distributing water and nutrients throughout its structure and the tree dies in less than six months due to water and nutrient deprivation.  It is urgent to contact an arborist that treats sick trees immediately when you first observe or suspect that your tree’s health is waning.

Pest Control

Insect infestations can rapidly overtake your residential grounds and even invade your home.  These nuisances can cause excessive damage and even kill your trees and plants if left untreated.  Early treatment is always the best action to take because it minimizes the damage these insects can inflict.  Our tree experts are highly-experienced in administering the necessary treatments to eliminate the numerous insect pests prevalent throughout our community.


    These huge black and ivory beetles infest cottonwood, willow, and poplar trees and invade the tree’s root system.


    Infecting fir tree varieties, these deceptive insects hide in small cones laced with leaf and bark particles. .


    These pine tree invaders are spreading swiftly throughout Texas. Discolored needles, needle loss, flaking bark.


    White webbed bags throughout tree branches are hiding places for these worms that are within the encasements.

  • Gaining entrance through the tree’s bark, the larvae eat complex, intricate winding tunnels throughout the tree’s inner wood.


    These 1/4″ long-winged insects reproduce rapidly and inflict serious damage to ash, willow, oak, and numerous popular tree varieties.

ISA Certified Arborist

Licensed and insured for your confidence and protection, our family owned and locally operated tree service company has been caring for the trees in our community for over 25 years.  Our team of tree doctors, ISA certified arborists and arbor care professionals have invaluable knowledge and experience and are devoted to providing you with the tree services you need and desire.  Call us today at (817) 697-2884!


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