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Certified Arborist in Newark, TX.

The ISA certified arborists and tree experts here at Truly Arbor Care are able to provide the tree and plant health care maintenance program you need!  Is your majestic landscape beginning to exhibit signs of sick trees?  Are insect problems demanding your attention?  Is maintaining the health of your trees with a customized maintenance care regimen your desire?  We adhere to the strict guidelines established by the International Society of Arboriculture and are highly experienced and well able to deliver the service you need and deserve!

Dallas-Fort Worth Tree Care

Your residence is greatly enhanced by regal, statement-making trees.  Trees not only add beauty and provide shade, but they increase your property value.  Replacing these living investments can be costly; however, ensuring their health is robust and protected is the best way to guard against unwanted expenses and tree diseases.


    With a tree health assessment, damaging tree diseases are preventable by ensuring the tree receives the nutrients it requires to sustain its health and vitality.


    The specific nutrients the tree requires are injected directly into the tree’s root zone and uplifts its strength and immune system.  


    With root pruning, stunted tree growth resulting from constricted roots which begin twisting around the tree’s baseline is eliminated and the tree’s health is restored.


    The tree’s root density and resistance to disease are greatly increased with tree growth regulators (TGR). Click here for more info.

    Trees recover from destructive diseases most successfully when early treatment is administered.  We provide the necessary treatments to combat.
    Treatment for insect infestations and tree diseases when they first appear is the best way to prevent the tree from suffering serious damage.  

Deep Root Fertilization

The soil in residential areas has often been compacted from building activities and topsoil has been replaced with filler dirt.  Consequently, it cannot provide the nutrients the tree requires.  A tree health assessment is performed on the tree and the specifically required nutrients are injected into the root zone by a highly-trained arbor care expert.  This powerful treatment ensures the tree’s health and immune system are at the optimal level.  Additionally, compacted soil that constricts tree roots is corrected by soil aeration. 

Tree Disease Treatment

The main reason trees become weak and contract tree diseases is because they have been subjected to stressful conditions.  Strong healthy trees naturally have a rugged immunity against damaging pathogens.  There are many tree ailments that our tree doctors and certified arborists frequently confront in the DFW metroplex.   

  • Anthracnose
    Brown spots and blotches on leaves are caused by this lethal fungal pathogen which ultimately decimates them.
  • Hypoxylon Canker
    Primarily targeting oak, aspen and sycamore trees, this deadly fungal invade causes the bark to discolor and fall off. In most cases, seriously infested trees die.
  • Bacterial Slime Flux
    Elm, cottonwood, ash and oak tree are the primary targets of this disease. Bacterial slime flux causes a repulsive-smelling liquid to seep from tree cankers.
  • Sudden Oak Death
    Wind and rain spread this water mold disease quickly. Oak trees most often die when inflicted with this tree ailment.
  • Leaf Spot
    Primarily caused by fungal pathogens, leaf spot thrives in wet, humid conditions and causes unsightly black spots to cover tree foliage and plant leaves.
  • Texas Root Rot
    This lethal fungal disease thrives in chalky, textured soil and attacks the tree’s root structure , killing the tree within a few weeks after visible indications become apparent.
  • Bacterial Leaf Scorch
    This tree ailment causes leaves to develop dried, crinkled edges and appear as if they’ve been burned.
  • Powdery Mildew
    Those disgusting white powdery spots that rapidly cover all these leaves throughout your residential grounds are caused by the fungal ailment powdery mildew.
  • Ganoderma

    The deadliest fungal tree disease known and commonly called root rot, this destroys the tree’s vascular system and makes the tree a danger to life and property. 

Oak Wilt Treatment

Infecting many oak tree varieties, the preferred tree of this deadly fungal pathogen is the magnificent Shumard red oak.  Oak wilt shuts down the tree’s vascular system and prevents the tree from providing water and nutrients throughout its system.  Millions of oak trees in Texas alone have been destroyed by oak wilt.  This lethal disease can kill an oak tree in less than six months; therefore, it’s of the utmost importance to contact an arborist that treats sick trees if you are suspicious that your tree’s health is jeopardized.

Pest Control

Insect problems are common in our area and our tree care professionals are battling them continuously.  Insect infestations are not only annoying and unsightly, but these pests can quickly overtake your habitat grounds and frequently kill trees and plants if left untreated.  Our tree doctors and certified arborists have extensive knowledge and experience in treating and eliminating these nuisances.


    These are so common it’s somewhat unusual not to be invaded by them.  They siphon the liquid nutrients from leaves.

  • Invading only ash trees, these jewel-tone green beetles destroy the tree’s vascular system and will kill the tree if not treated.


    Bumps appearing on grape leaves are caused by these insects that eat the vine’s roots and leaves and can kill the grape vine.


    Pea-sized bumps on leaves are scale insects that thrive in Texas heat and can cause black moldy areas on leaves if untreated.


    Disgusting-looking white webs in tree branches are where these worms hide to feed upon tree foliage.


     Undesirable holes on leaves and webbing on their underside are caused by these microscopic pests that rapidly infiltrate habitat grounds.

ISA Certified Arborist

Truly Arbor Care is proud to have doctors that treat sick trees and ISA certified arborists on our team of arbor care experts.  No matter what tree and plant health care concerns you have, we have the experience and expertise to provide the service you need and can count on!  Call us today at (817) 697-2884 to schedule a consultation with or tree care professional!


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