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Certified Arborist in Cresson, TX.

To become a Texas ISA certified arborist one must have years of extensive experience within the Texas tree service industry, successfully complete strict tests and adhere to the high standards the International Society of Arboriculture demands and expects.  Our ISA certified arborists are well-able to address all of your tree care issues and questions.  Whether you desire a continual tree health care maintenance program designed specifically for you or you are in need of treatment for a sick tree, our expert tree specialists are here to provide the services you need!


Dallas-Fort Worth Tree Care

Protect your beautiful living investments by providing treatments they need to maintain their health.  Trees not only beautify your outdoor environment but they provide cooling shade and increase your property value dramatically.  The high costs of tree removal and tree replacement can be avoided by taking proactive measures to ensure your valuable trees remain strong and in the best of health.


    Evaluating and analyzing the health of your trees ensures they always receive the proper nutrients they will require. Call us for more info for proper nutrients!


    When the needed specific nutrients are injected directly into the tree’s root structure it’s strength and vitality are drastically increased.


    Trees planted in tight areas can develop twisted roots that end up girdling the trunk and severely damaging the tree.  


    Large and fast-growing trees need strong roots to support their stature.  The application of tree growth regulators increase the root density .


    Do not hesitate in contacting a tree care specialist if you observe or sense that your tree’s health is declining.  Treatment for sick trees is most successful. 


    Many insect pests and tree diseases are prevalent throughout the DFW Metroplex area.  Our tree doctors are well-able to administer the treatment.

Deep Root Fertilization

After establishing the tree’s specific nutritional needs, the highly-trained tree expert injects the liquid minerals and nutrients directly into the tree’s root zone.  This guarantees the tree is adequately nourished and the soil aeration this process creates eliminates soil compaction problems.  Trees that receive this important treatment annually are 95% more resistant to damaging diseases.

Tree Disease Treatment

Although healthy trees have natural immunity against many diseases, trees that are subjected to stressful conditions such as traumatic weather can become weak and vulnerable to dangerous tree ailments.  There are numerous tree diseases common throughout our area that our tree experts frequently encounter and treat.

  • Ganoderma The deadliest fungal tree disease is known, it destroys the tree’s entire vascular system. Also called heart rot, a tree can topple over and endanger life and property.
  • Bacterial Leaf Scorch Leaves with dried brown edges or that seem to have been burned have been infected by this dreaded bacterial pathogen.
  • Texas Root Rot Destroying a tree within just a few weeks after it appears sickly, this fungal disease thrives in chunky soil.
  • Chlorosis Faded yellow leaves are deprived of chlorophyll. This often is due to a lack of iron in the soil. Click Here to Learn more about Chlorosis and ways to combat the disease from causing more damage.
  • Sudden Oak Death Easily spread via wind and rain, this water mold pathogen kills oak trees rapidly. Learn more about causes of Sudden Oak Death in Oak Trees.
  • Leaf Spot Unsightly black spots that cover foliage are the result of infection by numerous bacterial and fungal pathogens.
  • Bacterial Slime Flux Targeting cankers on trees, it ferments the tree’s sap and causes a strong, foul-smelling odor to emit from a liquid that oozes from the wounds and discolors the tree’s bark.
  • Fireblight This fungal disease attacks pome fruit trees and causes new branches to develop black hooked ends. 
  • Powdery Mildew Frequently seen, this quick-spreading fungus causes white powdery spots to manifest on tree foliage and plant leaves.

Oak Wilt Treatment

This fungus is so deadly that millions of Texas oak trees have been destroyed by it.  Magnificent Shumard red oaks are eye-catching centerpieces in a residential habitat but also the most targeted tree by this lethal oak disease.  No oak variety is safe from this pathogen and it shuts down the oaks vascular system, preventing the tree from supplying water and nutrients throughout its structure.  It is of the utmost importance to contact an arborist that treats sick trees if you even suspect your oak tree’s health is waning.

Pest Control

Insect pests are not only a nuisance but can be a threat to your outdoor grounds and destroy trees and plants.  Without treatment, insect infestations increase rapidly.  Our ISA certified arborists and tree care specialists continuously encounter, treat and eliminate these irritating, destructive insects that are common throughout the DFW metroplex.  It is always best to have treatment administered when you first begin observing their presence because less damage will occur if you take action quickly.


    These vibrant green beetles destroy the vascular system of ash trees.  The ash tree will develop obvious thinning foliage.

  • Filling tree branches quickly, these worms spin unsightly webbed encasements that they hide in while feeding upon the tree’s foliage.


    These microscopic arachnid-related insects leave tiny bite holes on the top of leaves and spin silken webs on the underside.  


    Larvae enter the tree through its bark and then eat winding, elaborate tunnels throughout the tree’s entire core wood.


    Small cone-shaped bags laced with leaves and bark pieces are the hiding place of these deceptive worms that weaken the tree.


    These insects siphon the nutritional fluids from foliage and cause the tree to exhibit an overall weak, unhealthy appearance.  

ISA Certified Arborist

At Truly Arbor Care, we are proud that we have been caring for the trees within our community for over 25 years.  Our family owned tree service company is comprised of tree doctors, ISA certified arborists and tree care specialists that can administer any needed treatments, provide maintenance care services and customize the perfect tree health care regimen just for you!  Contact us today at (817) 697-2884 and schedule a free consultation with our tree expert!


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