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What Are Borer Insects?

Tree care specialists consider borer insects to be one of the most dangerous insect pests threatening trees. As their infestation increases, these insects cause irreparable damage to the tree and eventually will kill it. Their presence is difficult to confirm and requires a diagnosis report conducted by a tree expert because the desecration that borer insects create is primarily within the tree’s inner structure. These insects destroy the cells and plant tissue that enables the tree to provide water and nutrients throughout its branches. Once borer insects enter through the tree’s bark the tree will manifest a declining appearance, early leaf loss, branches falling and small holes in the bark where the insects have entered.

Are Borer Insects Common in Southlake, TX?

Yes, numerous types of borer insects are common in Southlake and north Texas. Jewel-toned emerald ash borer beetles infest only ash varieties but are so damaging that they have already killed over 200 million ash trees in the United States.  Rhododendron borers, clearwing moths and flathead beetles target numerous varieties of shrubs, fruit trees and shade trees. Large black and ivory cottonwood borer beetles primarily invade cottonwood trees but poplar and willow are not immune to their infestation. Tree experts in Southlake encounter these tree menaces frequently.

How Can I Protect My Tree From Borer Insects?

Guarding the health of your trees is the best way to protect them from borer insect destruction, as these insect pests tend to target weak, stressed and damaged trees. Providing proper nutrition to the trees is essential to keep them healthy and strong.  There are numerous health-supportive treatments to elevate the well-being and immunity of your trees.  Deep root fertilization is highly suggested because trees that receive this treatment annually have a stronger root structure and are 95% less apt to develop a tree disease or be invaded by tree pests.  Guard your trees from unintentional wounding by having all regular outdoor maintenance performed by a professional tree care company.  The tree expert will advise you on the best health treatments for your specific trees and your outdoor residence.  

What Can Be Done To Eliminate Borer Insects?

With serious borer insect infestation, all diseased or dead trees, ground debris, fallen branches and stumps must immediately be removed by a professional tree service company so as to eliminate the insects. Regularly-scheduled pruning by a tree trimming service eliminates insect eggs in bark crevices.  Insecticide applications and trunk injections administered by a tree doctor are successful if the tree is in the early stages of borer insect invasion.  Contact an experienced tree company immediately if your trees appear to be ailing, as early treatment is essential to prevent excessive damage from occurring.

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