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Certified Arborist in Venus, TX.

You can count on our ISA certified arborists!  They have years of extensive study and work within the arbor care industry and adhere to the high standards that the International Society of Arboriculture demands and expects.  Are you frustrated with dieback and fallen branches?  Is brittle bark falling off your tree?  Would you like a personalized tree and plant health care on-going maintenance plan designed specifically for you?  Our ISA certified arborists have the knowledge, experience and drive to address all of your tree health care issues and desires proficiently!  

Dallas-Fort Worth Tree Care

Protecting the health of your trees is vital.  Lovely, healthy trees bring you admiration, beautify your residential outdoor environment and provide you with many positive aspects.  They increase your property value and even cool your home with their shade.  The costs to remove dead trees and dead branches can be staggering.  Maintaining the health of your trees and ensuring they remain strong is the best preventative measure to guard against the stress and anxiety that unwanted costs can cause you.


    The ISA certified arborist determines if the tree is weak and susceptible to disease and what specific nutrients the tree needs in order to be in the best of health.


    This valuable health-boosting treatment involves the tree expert injecting liquid nutrients directly into the tree’s root structure.


    Often, trees are planted in tight spaces.  As they grow their roots can curl and eventually girdle and damage the trunk.


    Tree growth regulators increase the tree’s root density and prevent the tree from being damaged by drought, heat and serious disease infection.


    Many diseases progress rapidly.  The sooner treatment is administered to sick trees than the more likely it is that the tree will not suffer severe damage.


    Administering treatments to correct these issues when they first arise is always the best way to prevent serious destruction from resulting.

Deep Root Fertilization

Administered annually, this key treatment boosts your tree’s disease resistance by 95% and increases its root growth.  After assessing the tree’s health, the highly-skilled tree expert injects under pressure the specific liquid minerals and nutrients the tree requires directly into the tree’s root zone and below grass roots.  The soil is aerated by the injected oxygen and soil compaction is corrected.

Tree Disease Treatment

Stressful conditions can cause even a healthy tree to become weak and vulnerable to damaging pathogens.  Stress can be caused by many factors such as inadequate sunlight, improper watering, turbulent weather, and accidental wounding.  Although healthy trees have a natural resistance to many diseases, a healthy tree’s immunity can be weakened and cause it to be in danger of infection by the numerous diseases that are prevalent throughout the DFW metroplex area.

  • Seiridium Canker
    When Leyland Cypress and other fir tree varieties are infected by this deadly disease, their vascular structure is unable to provide water through their branches. 
  • Sudden Oak Death
    Spread swiftly by wind and splashing rain, this water mold pathogen kills oak trees quickly. Learn more about the cause of Sudden Oak Death.
  • Powdery Mildew
    This fungal disease is exceptionally common! It causes white powdery spots on tree foliage, plant leaves and rapid can overtake your entire outdoor grounds.
  • Leaf Spot
    A collective group of bacterial and fungal pathogen causes unsightly black spots and blotches to cover tree foliage.
  • Bacterial Slime Flux
    This annoying disease invades tree wounds, ferments the tree’s sap and causes a foul-smelling slimy liquid to seep down the tree’s bark. Plants and grass at the tree’s baseline often die from the liquid and streaks that manifest on the tree’s bark. 
  • Chlorosis
    Iron-deficient soil is most often the cause of this disease. Tree foliage turns pale yellow due to lack of chlorophyll.
  • Fire Blight
    Pome fruit trees are the target of this fungal pathogen that causes new shoots and branches to develop black tips and curl into hooked ends.
  • Anthracnose
    This fungal disease causes oddly-shaped brown blotches to appear on leaves before it destroys the foliage.
  • Brown Rot
    The roots of pome fruit trees are decayed by this fungal pathogen that thrives in excess soil moisture.

Oak Wilt Treatment

Millions of Texas oak trees have been obliterated by this lethal fungal disease.  Its prime target is the beautiful Shumard red oak; however, no oak variety is immune from its destruction.  Oak wilt blocks the tree’s vascular system from dispersing water throughout its branches, causing the death of the tree within six months.  It is imperative to contact an arborist that treats sick trees immediately if you sense that your oak tree’s health is declining.  Healthy oaks can be protected from oak wilt infection by enlisting the service of a tree expert.

Pest Control

When insect problems first begin, they are irritating nuisances.  However, if they are not treated immediately the insect pests can become serious insect infestations and invade your entire outdoor habitat, enter your homes and kill your trees and plants.  Our tree care professionals are well-acquainted with the many insects that are common throughout our area and are highly experienced in treating and seeing to it that they are eliminated before serious destruction occurs.

  • These deceptive insects create small cones laced with bark and leaf remnants so they can hide inside and eat pine needles.


    Invading only ash trees, these jewel-tone beetles destroy the tree’s vascular system. Without treatment, the tree will die.


    These rapid spreading insects extract nutrients from the tree foliage and cluster together on leaves on stems.

    After entering the tree through its bark, the larvae eat intricate winding tunnels throughout the tree’s core wood.

    These pea-sized insects extract nutritional fluid from foliage and create black mold in advanced stages of infestation.

    White webbed bags strewn throughout your tree branches are created by these worms so they can hide within from bird predators.

ISA Certified Arborist

Our locally operated and family-owned tree care service company has been caring for the trees within our community for over 25 years.  Our family of arbor care professionals is licensed and fully insured for your confidence, protection, and peace of mind.  Our highly-experienced ISA certified arborists, tree doctors, and tree experts are always available to meet with you.  Contact us today at (817) 697-2884 for a complimentary consultation.

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