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Certified Arborist in Mansfield, TX.

Our ISA certified arborists are passionate about providing you with the tree and plant health care services you need and desire.  The International Society of Arboriculture requires many years of concentrated arbor care experience, the completion of demanding tests and vowing to represent society by exhibiting high ethical standards and integrity.  Is your majestic tree exhibiting premature defoliation?  Are you frustrated with insect problems?  Would you like to learn more about ensuring that your trees and plants remain in excellent health?  No matter what your tree worries or concerns are, the ISA certified arborists here at Truly Arbor Care have the extensive experience and knowledge to address all of your tree and plant health care issues.  

Dallas-Fort Worth Tree Care

It is essential to protect your living investments.  Healthy trees not only grace your residence and increase your property value, but they provide pleasant shaded areas and can even lower your electric bill.  The removal of dead trees or replacing trees and plants that have been destroyed by the disease can be costly.  Ensuring that your trees always remain healthy and strong is the best way to guard against unwanted expenses.  Our tree experts provide treatments that help protect the health and vitality of your trees.


    The ISA certified arborist is able to determine if the tree is vulnerable to disease and what specific nutrients the tree requires to remain healthy and strong.


    This key treatment is administered by a tree expert who injects under pressure the tree’s required nutrients directly into its root system.


    Root pruning prevents stunted tree growth and makes certain girdled roots that damage the tree do not develop.


    This is extremely important for large and mature trees and lasts for 5 years!  Tree growth regulators increase the tree’s root density.


     Sick trees are most likely to recover successfully when treatment is applied by a tree doctor when symptoms first begin to manifest.


    There are numerous insect problems and tree diseases that are common in North Texas. The health of your trees is always the best to prevent these situations.  

Deep Root Fertilization

We strongly advise this treatment for your trees!  Neighborhood soil is often compacted from construction activities and can contain filler dirt.  Trees rarely receive adequate nutrients from topical lawn fertilizer applications.  After assessing the tree’s health, a skilled tree expert injects under pressure the specific liquid minerals and nutrients he has determined that the tree requires directly into the tree’s root zone.  The oxygen from this injection aerates the soil and corrects soil compaction.  Trees that receive this important treatment annually are 95% less likely to become infected by destructive diseases.  Their root systems grow stronger because they are not constricted by compacted soil.

Tree Disease Treatment

Nothing can weaken a healthy tree more than being subjected to stressful conditions.  Although healthy trees have natural immunity against disease, many stressful situations are uncontrollable.  Freezing weather, drought or unintentional wounding from weed trimmers and shovels can weaken a healthy tree and cause it to become vulnerable to the many diseases prevalent throughout the DFW metroplex.  Enlisting the services of an experienced tree company is the best way to protect the health of your trees.


  • Brown Rot
    Excess soil moisture triggers this fungal disease that targets pome fruit trees and decays their root structures. 
  • Chlorosis
    Trees that manifest pale yellow leaves are suffering from chlorosis. The deprivation of chlorophyll is caused most frequently by lack of sufficient iron within the soil.
  • Powdery Mildew
    This fungal disease spreads swiftly throughout your outdoor grounds and causes white dusty spots and blotches to appear on tree foliage and plant leaves. 
  • Leaf Spot
    Many bacterial and fungal agents cause black unsightly spots to cover tree foliage. In advanced stages of infection, the spots can become large blotches and even fruit will develop these spots.
  • Seiridium Canker
    Leyland Cypress and other fir tree varieties are targeted by this disease which prevents water from flowing through the tree’s branches. Brown dead branches will randomly appear amongst visually healthy green branches (known as “flagging”)
  • Bacterial Slime Flux
    Strong rancid-smelling liquid seeps from tree wounds and leaves varying color streaks on the tree’s bark. This bacterial pathogen initially enters the tree through wounds.
  • Fire Blight
    When infected by this fungal disease, pome fruit trees develop black tips on new shoots and branches that curl and form hooked ends.  
  • Anthracnose
    Leaves that die after developing tan and brown blotches have been infected by this deadly fungal pathogen.
  • Ganoderma
    This is also know as heart rot because this lethal fungal disease destroys the tree’s entire inner structure. Severely infected trees can fall over and threaten life and property.



Oak Wilt Treatment

Shumard red oaks are magnificent statement trees and are also the most desired target of this lethal fungal disease.  No oak variety is immune to its destruction and millions of oak trees throughout Texas have already succumbed to oak wilt.  This deadly pathogen stops the tree from dispersing water and nutrients through its structure and causes the tree’s death in less than six months.  If your oak tree is still healthy and strong then contact a tree expert to advise you on how to ensure your tree is protected.  When you notice or suspect that your oak tree’s health is waning, contact an arborist that treats sick trees immediately!


Pest Control

Insect problems are not only frustrating, but they can get out of control quickly!  Left untreated, many insect pests reproduce rapidly and can swiftly overtake your entire residence and destroy your trees and plants.  It is very important to have treatment administered when you first notice insect activity within your outdoor grounds or on your trees.  Our tree care specialists have extensive knowledge and experience in combating the numerous insect nuisances that are common throughout North Texas.


    These heat-loving insects anchor themselves to tree foliage and do not move once they are attached.


    Curved tunnels throughout the tree’s entire inner core are created by larvae that enter through the tree’s bark and eat the inner core wood.


    The tree’s vascular system is destroyed by these green beetles that target only ash trees. without treatment, the tree eventually dies.


    These insects create small cone-shaped bags strewn with bark and leaf pieces that they hide in while eating pine needles.

  • These are common in the DFW metroplex! Aphids reproduce rapidly and siphon fluids from leaves and stems while they cluster together.


    Unsightly white webbed bags throughout tree branches are created by these worms to hide within while they destroy tree foliage.

ISA Certified Arborist

Family owned and locally operated for over 25 years, we are proud of our ISA certified arborists, tree doctors, and arbor care professionals that care for the trees within our community.  Licensed and insured for your confidence and peace of mind, there is no tree care treatment or service that we can’t expertly address!  Call us today at (817) 697-2884 and request your free consultation with one of our tree experts!


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