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An absolutely great tree service company in Southlake. I needed 1 tree to be removed in front of my yard and I have to say they did an amazing job taking care of that for me. Definitely the best tree service!

– Parr Hursey


My mother in law had some trees that were looking pretty bad and I decided to help her out and find a tree service company near her. I found Truly Arbor Care, the owner is a great guy just doing what he loves to do and keeping a great reputation as he was saying. They gave me a quote after looking at the trees and the total was not as much as I thought it would have been, great deal. If you ever need a tree service in Southlake, I would call these guys up and see what they can do for you. Great customer service, definitely giving you all a 5 star rating.

– Alycia Castello


I had called Truly Arbor Care for my tree removal and other replanting guidance. They came along and helped with the tree removal service and swept it clean afterwards. From having efficiency to high quality work in a number of ways. Informing me and making me acknowledge what they were doing was very relieving as well. I would definitely recommend this tree service company.

– Zayn Gillards


live in Bedford Texas and had several trees that needed to be cut down in my back yard over the weekend. I contracted Truly Arbor Care to come out and take these trees down. They did a great job from start to finish very professional company that is trusted in the Southlake community. their price was affordable and within market value because I got three other bids. I will use them again!

– Wegman Maury


I had serval trees that were very sick in my land back yard this spring. I called Truly Arbor Care and they sent an arborist to diagnose my trees. The arborist Mat Reiter was educational and give my the right diagnoses for the tree. The treatment was affordable and my trees already look much better. Thank you guys for helping me with this much needed treatment!

– Muriel Katzmann

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