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Are There Benefits To Keeping My Trees Healthy?

Absolutely! Your beautiful trees are valuable investments. They highlight your landscape, provide you with peaceful shaded areas, cool your home and dramatically increase your property value. The stress, anguish and high costs associated with dead tree removal and tree replacement are never welcomed expenses. Entrusting the care of your prized investments to an experienced tree company is the best way to guard the health of your trees.

What Are Signs Of A Healthy Tree?

Different tree varieties manifest positive indications of good health unique to them; however, there are general indications of good tree health that all trees exhibit.

  • Undamaged Leaves: Foliage should be free of blotches, brown areas, blemishes, and unsightly spotting.  If you observe any of these symptoms on the foliage of your trees then it is extremely important to promptly contact an arborist that treats sick trees.
  • Appropriate Color: The tree should exhibit the color appropriate for its variety.  For example, majestic Shumard red oaks will have lovely red leaves.  The foliage should change color that’s correct for the time of year and season.  If you observe any unusual coloration within your trees then it is important to contact a tree care specialist immediately.
  • Strong Bark: A healthy tree will have bark that is solid and strong.  If your tree has bark falling, flaking, peeling or chipping then enlist the expertise of a tree doctor, as these symptoms are indicative of a declining tree.
  • Thick Foliage: The tree’s canopy should be lush and full with no bare or thinning areas.  Premature defoliation and a general thinning of the tree’s canopy are warning signs that the tree is unhealthy.  Always contact an arbor care professional if you are in question regarding the health of your trees.
  • Flexible Branches: Healthy tree branches should be pliable and not break when bent.  If you observe that there are branches falling from your trees or dead branches strewn about your property then contact a tree expert.
  • New Growth: All healthy trees will exhibit new annual growth.  Depending upon the variety of the tree, evidence of new growth includes height increase, young branches and shoots, buds, blossoms, fruit, and new foliage.

What Can I Do To Protect The Health of my Trees?

The best and proactive way to ensure the health of your trees remains robust is to entrust their care to the best arborist in Southlake, Texas. ISA certified arborists, tree doctors, and arbor care professionals have the extensive knowledge, training and experience to oversee and advise you of the best means required to protect the vitality of your trees. Tree experts administer many treatments that elevate the health of your trees and provide you with the protection the trees need.

Deep Root Fertilization

This key treatment is extremely important!  Trees do not receive adequate nutrients from topical lawn fertilizer. With deep root fertilization, the highly-skilled tree expert injects under pressure the specific liquid nutrients the tree requires directly into its root zone. The injected oxygen aerates the soil and rectifies soil compaction. When this treatment is administered annually, the tree is 95% more disease-resistant and will have a stronger root structure.

Prevent Wounds

Always entrust your regular lawn maintenance to the care of a professional tree service. Many destructive pathogens and insect pests invade trees through wounds. Unintentional wounding can occur from weed trimmers and shovels. Arbor cares professional will see to it that wounding does not occur.

Tree Health Assessment

An ISA certified arborist will closely examine the tree, prepare a diagnosis report and determine the health of the tree and the necessary nutrients it needs to remain well and strong. This is of key importance because if the tree is declining it’s health will be protected before any damage can occur.

Protect Trees From Stress

Stressful conditions can cause even a healthy tree to become weak and vulnerable to destructive agents. Stress can be caused by many things such as inadequate sunlight, extreme temperature changes, and turbulent weather.  Regular pruning by a tree pruning service prevents overcrowded branches and ensures adequate sunlight. Controlled watering by means of soil drenching and soaker hoses makes certain that the tree is receiving proper watering.  The tree care specialist will provide you with the specific methods to maintain the health of your trees so they are not affected by severe weather.

Tree Growth Regulators

Mature, tall and fast-growing trees need strong root systems to support their size and growth. This important treatment increases root density, disease-resistance and prevents the tree from being negatively affected by drought.

Tree Removal

If you have severely diseased trees, dead trees or stumps on your habitat grounds it is of high importance to have them professionally removed by an experienced arbor care company. Tree diseases and insect infestations can spread quickly throughout your residential grounds and endanger your healthy trees. A professional arbor care company is licensed and insured and has the equipment necessary to remove these eyesores from your outdoor environment and see that your residence and healthy trees are protected.

For a Free Tree Health Diagnosis from a Certified Arborist in Southlake, TX, call (817) 697-2884 for your tree diagnosis!

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