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Certified Arborist in Southlake, Texas

With extensive experience and knowledge in the Texas arbor care industry, our ISA certified arborist can address any tree care issue or concern you may have and administer the health-boosting treatments to guard the health of your trees. Contact us today at (817) 697-2884 and meet with our certified arborist!

Tree Growth Regulators in Southlake, TX

Having our tree care expert administer tree growth regulators to your tall and mature trees is one of the best ways to ensure your stately trees remain healthy. Tree growth regulators boost the health of both weakened and healthy trees. Tall and fast-growing trees require a strong root structure to support their size and weight. When the root system is not substantial enough for the tree’s size then the tree has a greater likelihood of falling during severe storms. Mature and tall trees require more water and nutrients to be dispersed throughout their vascular system in order to adequately support their stature.

Tree growth regulators reduce the amount of regular pruning that is needed, as well as the woody material that must be removed. They slow down the vegetative growth of trees and greatly increase their root density. Not only do tree growth regulators boost the strength of the tree but they increase the tree’s resistance to tree diseases and insect infestations. This important treatment lasts five years and is excellent when combined with deep root fertilization.

Contact Truly Arbor Care today at (817) 697-2884 and schedule a free consultation with our tree expert to discuss the benefits your trees will receive from tree growth regulators!

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