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Certified Arborist in Springtown, TX.

With certification from the International Society of Arboriculture, our ISA certified arborists have the extensive experience and knowledge required to address all of your arbor care concerns.  Is your tree’s bark falling?  Does your prized tree have premature defoliation?  Are insect infestations ravaging your outdoor habitat?  No matter what treatment you need or if you desire a personalized tree and plant health care plan to protect the outdoor grounds our qualified professionals are here to serve you!

Dallas-Fort Worth Tree Care

Healthy trees are statements in your outdoor environment, add cool shade that reduces your electric bill and also greatly increases your property value.  The costly expenses of treating sick trees and replacing dead trees are avoidable by protecting the health of your trees because robust trees are naturally more resistant to destructive diseases.


    The tree is examined by our tree care expert to determine its health condition and ensure that it receives necessary nutrients to remain resilient and strong.


    The specific nutrients the tree needs are injected directly into its root zone, boosting its root structure and disease resistance.


    Trees that are planted in containers or small spaces frequently develop roots that girdle the tree.  Root pruning prevents this problem and eliminates the fear of stunted tree growth.


    Tall trees often do not have a root structure strong enough to adequately support them.  Tree growth regulators boost the tree’s disease resistance and increase its root density.


    If your tree is sick, administering treatment in the early stages of disease progression prevents severe destruction of your tree from occurring.


    Guarding the health of your trees is the best means of protecting them from the serious destruction that insect infestations and tree diseases can cause.

Deep Root Fertilization

Residential soil is often lacking minerals and nutrients and is compacted due to building activities.  Topical fertilization rarely provides adequate nutrients to the tree.  After determining the tree’s nutritional requirements, the tree care expert injects the liquid nutrients directly into the tree’s root zone below grass roots.  This injection of oxygen also aerates the soil and corrects soil compaction.  The tree will have a robust vitality and be 95% less likely to contract a disease when this treatment is administered annually!

Tree Disease Treatment

Even though healthy trees naturally have immunity against disease, a tree can become vulnerable if it has become weak and subjected to stress.  Stress can result from nutrient-deficient soil, poor sunlight, turbulent weather, and numerous other issues.  Our tree doctors and certified arborists encounter and treat many diseases that are common within the DFW metroplex.

  • Chlorosis Primarily caused by lack of iron in the soil, foliage turns pale yellow because it’s not receiving adequate chlorophyll. Learn more about the cause of Chlorosis.
  • Anthracnose Dead leaves that initially developed brown oddly-shaped spots and blotches have been infected by this lethal fungal disease.
  • Powdery Mildew Spreading quickly, this fungal pathogen produces white dusty spots that cover tree foliage and plant leaves.
  • Texas Root Rot Spreading swiftly through Texas, this indiscriminate fungal disease destroys the tree’s root system and infects over 2000 tree and plant varieties.
  • Bacterial Leaf Scorch When leaves seem as if they’ve been burned or have dried brown edges they’ve been targeted by this bacterial nemesis.
  • Sudden Oak Death Oak trees die quickly when infected by this swift-spreading water mold pathogen.
  • Bacterial Slime Flux This disease infects tree wounds, causing them to seep a rancid-smelling liquid that streaks the tree’s bark.
  • Seiridium Canker Leyland Cypress and other fir tree varieties exhibit brown branches when infected by this serious disease.
  • Ganoderma The deadliest fungal tree disease known, this is also called heart rot because it destroys the tree from the inside before any visible symptoms manifest. 

Oak Wilt Treatment

Stately Shumard red oaks are the preferred target of this deadly fungal pathogen; however, no oak variety is immune. Millions of oak trees throughout Texas have been destroyed by this rapid-spreading lethal tree disease.  Contacting an experienced tree company is imperative if you first suspect your tree’s health is declining.  The best approach is always to enlist the services of a tree expert who will develop the customized maintenance care regimen that will protect the health of your trees.

Pest Control

Without treatment, many insect pests can overtake your outdoor residential environment and destroy your trees and plants.  When insect infestations are addressed quickly their destruction is minimized.  Our tree doctors and ISA certified arborists have extensive experience in treating the many insect nuisances that are common all over the DFW metroplex.


    These pests anchor themselves to foliage and do not move once they begin extracting nutrients from the leaves. Appearing as bumps, they cause the tree and plants to exhibit an ailing appearance. 


    Primarily infesting cottonwood trees but also invading willow and popular, these huge black and ivory beetles invade the tree’s root system and leave small holes in the tree’s bark where they have entered.


    Overtaking habitat grounds swiftly, these microscopic irritants bite holes in leaves and create a fine webbing on the underside of foliage.

  • Larvae eat elaborate winding tunnels throughout the tree’s inner wood after entering the tree through its bark. They will kill the tree if not treated.


    Tree brnaches filled with visually disturbing white webbing nets are caused by these worms that hide within the webs to protect themselves from bird predators while they eat the tree foliage that is encased within.


    Clusters of tiny bumps on the stems and leaves of your plants are these quick-spreading insects that siphon the nutritional fluids from foliage.

ISA Certified Arborist

Our family owned and locally operated tree service company has been caring for the trees within our community for over 25 years.  Our tree care specialists are well-able to provide the treatments you need and customize the maintenance care plan to ensure your trees and plants remain in the best of health.  Call us today at (817) 697-2884 and meet with our tree care expert!

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