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My Tree’s Leaves Are Turning Brown. Is My Tree Sick?

Unfortunately, when the foliage on your tree is turning brown it most likely has been infected by a tree disease. The best way to be certain is to contact an experienced tree company, as early treatment is essential in combating tree ailments.

What Tree Diseases Causes The Foliage To Turn Brown?

  • Oak Wilt: Millions of oak trees throughout Texas have been killed by this lethal fungal pathogen and it’s spreading rapidly in our Southlake community. ISA certified arborists and tree care professionals are aggressive and determined to prevent it from destroying trees in Southlake neighborhoods. The preferred host tree of oak wilt is the statuesque Shumard red oak but no oak variety is safe from its invasion. This highly-infectious tree disease first causes the tree’s canopy to thin and premature defoliation to manifest. Foliage will discolor and range in shades from yellows to dark brown. As this deadly disease will kill a tree in less than three months, call an arborist that treats sick trees immediately when you observe that your oak tree’s leaves are brown or believe that you have a sick tree.
  • Anthracnose: Thriving in cool, damp Texas spring weather, this fungal disease targets a plethora of popular shade tree varieties in Southlake and the DFW metroplex area. Anthracnose rarely destroys a tree but the symptoms it causes are visibly undesirable and disturbing. Branches falling and premature defoliation are indicative of its presence. Foliage becomes deformed, shriveled, blotched and ranges in color from tan to blackish-brown. Contact a professional tree service promptly when you observe these unsightly symptoms or you since you have a declining tree.
  • Bacterial Leaf Scorch: This lethal bacterial pathogen is destroying numerous majestic shade tree varieties in Southlake and the surrounding cities. This bacterial nemesis spreads swiftly during warm summer weather conditions. Necrosis of the tree’s foliage develops and leaf edges turn brown before the entire leaves turn to brownish-black and appear as if they’ve been burned. Premature defoliation manifests as the foliage begins dying. There is no cure for this deadly disease; therefore, do not delay in calling a tree care expert when you believe your tree has a tree disease or you observe the above-mentioned symptoms.

How Do I Know If My Tree Has A Disease?

Contact an experienced tree company and schedule a free consultation with their tree care specialists. The experienced plant pathologist will assess the tree’s health and provide you with a diagnosis report. If the tree is indeed infected with a tree disease then the tree doctor will administer the specific treatment necessary to prevent the disease from destroying your tree.

What Can I Do To Keep My Trees Healthy?

The proactive way to guard the health of your valuable trees is to entrust their care to the best arborist in Southlake, Texas. Your trees are prized investments and greatly increase your property value. Deep root fertilization is an important tree of health care treatment. A highly-trained tree expert injects under pressure the liquid nutrients the tree requires directly into its root zone. Trees that receive this key treatment annually are 95% less likely to become inflicted with infectious pathogens. The arbor care professionals will customize an ongoing tree health care plan designed exclusively for you and your residential outdoor environment. They will see to it that your outdoor grounds always remain beautiful and that the health of your trees is strong and robust.

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