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Pine Bark Beetles Treatment in Southlake, TX.

Are your pine trees losing their needles? Have you noticed tiny holes on their bark? Pine bark beetles are destructive tree pests and they target stately fir trees. Contact us today at (817) 697-2884 and request a free consultation with our arbor care professional. Pine Bark Beetles Treatment in Southlake, TX, call (817) 697-2884 for an Pine Bark Beetles diagnosing!


Pine Bark Beetles Treatment? Call Truly Arbor Care of Southlake!

Diagnosing Pine Bark Beetles Disease

In Southlake and the North Texas region, pine bark beetle infestation is increasing at an alarming rate! Tree care experts are actively preventing their attack, as these beetles are one of the most serious fir tree menaces. They multiply swiftly during hot summer weather as is typical in our area and they produce as many as nine generations per season. Compacted soil and any stress to the tree's root system will weaken the tree and make it more vulnerable to pine bark beetle invasion. Small holes on the tree's bark indicate where these beetles have made their entry and the infested tree will exhibit excessive needle loss, needle discoloration and overall thinning. These beetles can range in size from barely-visible to nearly an inch in length. It is imperative to contact the best arborist in Southlake, Texas when your pine trees are declining in health or you observe these beetles within the vicinity of your trees. The best means to prevent their destruction is to protect the health of your trees.

Treatment Of Pine Bark Beetles

Our ISA certified arborist will assess the health of your trees and closely examine your outdoor grounds. Deep root fertilization administered by our certified tree expert will boost your tree's health and aerate compacted soil. Severely infested trees, stumps, and branches must be removed and destroyed by the professional tree removal service. Insecticide applications via trunk injections are environmentally safe and make direct contact with these killer beetles. Our arbor care professional will customize a tree health care maintenance program for you to ensure that your pine trees remain healthy and free from pine bark beetle infestation. We have been caring for the trees in Southlake, Texas and the surrounding cities for over 25 years. Our family of devoted tree care specialists will see to it that your beautiful residential outdoor environment will always make you proud and bring you years of enjoyment! If you have Pine Bark Beetles on your property, call (817) 697-2884 for a free consultation from a certified arborist in Southlake, TX.

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