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Aphids Treatment in Southlake, TX.

Aphids are pin-dot sized annoying insects that severely weaken trees, thus permitting many other tree diseases and insects to inflict their damage upon the targeted tree.  These destructive insects are rampant in the Southlake area and tree care specialists aggressively battle them due to the startling reproduction rate of these pests and the fact that aphids quickly infiltrate entire neighborhoods.  These tiny green insects siphon the nutritional fluids from leaves, rendering the tree in an unhealthy, vulnerable state.  It is of utmost importance to contact a tree expert immediately if you observe green bumps on tree leaves or suspect your tree's health is declining! Aphids Treatment in Southlake, TX, call (817) 697-2884 for an Aphids diagnosing!


Aphids Treatment? Call Truly Arbor Care of Southlake!

Diagnosing Aphids Disease

A tree evaluation report is swiftly completed by the certified arborist after intensely examining the tree and investigating the outdoor habitat.  Aphids congregate on the underside of leaves and cluster together on buds and stem as their population increases.  Honeydew is a sticky substance they excrete causing black mold spotting and leaves curl, wilt and die.  As honeydew is sweet, it attracts ants which are evident throughout the grounds.  The Southlake Arbor Care professional studies the investigative findings and determines the immediate treatment necessary and customizes the specific on-going maintenance care plan required to cease and prevent further aphid infiltration.

Treatment Of Aphids

Proactive measures are the best defense against aphid destruction and deep root fertilization administered by the certified arborist ensures the tree's root structure is robust and the tree's health and vitality is optimum.  Insecticide treatments administered by the tree expert are successful in stifling aphid invasion.  A one year warranty on any treatment is provided.  Heavily infested trees, infected branches, and ground debris must be removed and destroyed by a tree service professional.  Protect your investments by delegating the care of your prized trees and residential outdoor environment to the best arborist in Southlake, Texas!  If you have Aphids on your property, call (817) 697-2884 for a free consultation from a certified arborist in Southlake, TX.

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