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Why Are The Branches On My Tree Dying?

Dead branches and branches falling from your tree indicate that the tree is infected with a tree disease. Always take the proactive approach and contact an experienced tree company when you are questioning your tree’s health. Request a complimentary consultation with the ISA certified arborist. They will determine the disease your tree is suffering from, provide a diagnosis report and see to it that the correct treatment is administered to your tree.

What Is Causing The Dead Branches And Branches Falling Off?

Many tree pathogens that are common in Southlake can cause the tree to exhibit dead branches and branches falling. The two stated below are incurable and inflict trees with severe damage.

  • Ganoderma: Known also as heart rot because it literally destroys a tree from the inside out, this lethal highly-complex fungal pathogen spreads quickly by means of wind and rain activity. Large mushroom-shaped formations appear at the tree’s baseline and premature defoliation, wilted foliage, dead branches and branches falling manifest. Trees can topple over and endanger property and life. Call an arborist that treats sick trees immediately if you have a sick tree or observe any of the above-mentioned symptoms.
  • Sudden Oak Death: This rapid-spreading water mold pathogen has caused unsightly damage to established neighborhoods in Southlake. It thrives in cool, damp Texas spring weather and targets oaks and other popular tree varieties that have been wounded and weakened. The tree will exhibit reduced new growth, spotted foliage, broken twigs, and dead branches. Once symptoms become severe then the tree cannot be saved and will die. If your tree’s health is declining or you notice dead branches then do not delay in contacting a tree doctor promptly.

What Should I Do If My Tree Can’t Be Saved Or Is Dead?

All dead or severely diseased trees, ground debris, and tree stumps must immediately be removed and destroyed by a professional tree removal expert. This will eliminate the infectious pathogens from the premises and prevent the disease from infecting other trees. Tree removal is dangerous, complicated work and should always be done by tree removal professionals. They have extensive tree removal and land clearing experience, are bonded and insured for your safety, use state-of-the-art equipment and employ stringent safety measures.

How Do I Protect My Trees?

Entrust the care of your trees and residential outdoor environment to the best arborist in Southlake, Texas. Your trees are valuable investments. They enhance your residence, provide relaxing shaded areas and greatly increase your property value. The family of arbor care professionals have extensive knowledge and experience and are devoted to providing quality tree care for our community.
Deep Root Fertilization is an extremely important tree health-boosting treatment! Trees do not receive adequate nutrients from topical lawn fertilizer. A highly-trained tree expert injects under pressure the specific liquid nutrients the tree needs directly into its root zone. Soil aeration occurs from the injected oxygen. Trees that receive this key treatment annually are 95% more disease-resistant and develop strong root structures.
Many serious tree diseases target trees that have been wounded or suffered abrasions. Unintentional wounding can occur to trees from mowers, weed trimmers or shovels. Always entrust the regular ground care and the planting of decorative accent plants to an experienced tree company. They will provide you with dependable, quality service and see to it that your trees do not incur accidental wounds.
Regularly-scheduled pruning by a tree pruning service using sanitized tools will eliminate infected branches before the disease spreads throughout the tree’s structure. Branches and foliage need proper sunlight and adequate air flow. Regularly-scheduled pruning will ensure that they receive it.
A continual tree health care maintenance program customized and designed exclusively for you by an experienced tree company will eliminate you of the worries and concerns of monitoring the health of your trees and outdoor environment. The arbor care professionals will see to it that your residential grounds and your prized trees always remain in the best of health and make you proud. Call a tree care specialist today and request a complimentary consultation. It is always best to take proactive measures and prevent tree diseases from ever infecting your prized living investments.

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