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I Noticed A Lot Of Insects Around My Trees. Can Tree Pests Harm My Trees?

Yes! Tree pests can inflict severe damage to your trees and even destroy them if they are left untreated. Early treatment is important when battling these destructive insect nuisances because once their infestation becomes severe it is often too late to save the tree. Always contact an experienced tree company promptly when you observe tree pests on your trees or habitat grounds, as professional treatment and removal is necessary to combat tree pests.

What Tree Pests Are Common in Southlake?

Unfortunately, there are many tree pests that ISA certified arborists and tree care experts continuously encounter throughout Southlake and the surrounding cities. Many tree pests thrive in our spring and summer weather here in Texas. Some of these tree pests reproduce at an alarming rate and can rapidly overtake your entire outdoor residential environment. The following are some of the dreaded insect pests that arbor care professionals are repeatedly treating and eliminating in Southlake:

  • Spider Mites: These microscopically small pests reproduce rapidly and swiftly overtake your entire outdoor grounds. Bite marks on the top side of foliage and fine webbing on the underside are indicative of spider mites. Early treatment is crucial to eliminate these destructive tree pests.
  • Wood Borers: Wood borer larvae enter into the tree through the tree’s bark and then eat elaborate, curving tunnels throughout the tree’s inner core. If treatment is not administered then wood borers will ultimately kill the tree.
  • Aphids: Siphoning the nutrients from tree foliage and plant leaves, aphids reproduce at an alarming rate and cluster together on stems and foliage.
  • Webworms: Unsightly white webbed bags strewn throughout the branches of your trees are spun by these worms. They hide inside the bags to protect themselves from bird predators while they eat the foliage from your trees. These worms will swiftly turn your lovely residential grounds into an eyesore.
  • Emerald Ash Borers: Targeting only ash tree varieties, these jewel-tone beetles enter the tree through its bark and destroy the tree’s entire vascular structure. The invaded tree will exhibit premature defoliation, dead branches, and an overall unhealthy appearance. Without treatment, the infested tree will die.
  • Bag Worms: Small, cone-shaped formations laced with leaf and bark remnants are created by these deceptive insects. Primarily targeting fir tree varieties, bag worms hide within and eat pine needles. The bags must be removed and destroyed by a professional tree service to halt bag worm infestation

What Can I Do To Eliminate Pests?

Guarding the health of your trees and preventing tree pest invasion is always the best means to combat tree pests. Entrust the care of your trees and outdoor habitat to the best arborist in Southlake, Texas. A tree care specialist will design a continual tree and plant health care program customized for you and your prized trees. Healthy trees are more resistant to disease and tree pest infestation. There are numerous health-boosting treatments such as Deep Root Fertilization that a highly-skilled tree expert will administer. Your trees are valuable assets and protecting their health is of the utmost importance.

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