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How to prevent bark from falling off your trees. Being the largest full tree service provider in Fort Worth, Texas and the DFW metroplex area, we frequently are asked by homeowners why bark is falling off their trees and what they can do to prevent it.  Most homeowners do not understand why their tree is losing its bark, so you are not alone.  We all love beautiful trees with lush, full canopies, right? 

So how do you know if your tree is sick or if there’s something you can do to prevent it?  Our locally-based and family-owned company has the ISA certified arborist, tree expert and team of arbor care specialists that have the experience and knowledge to answer all of your tree care questions. 

Contact us today at 817-697-2884 and speak with our tree care specialists.  With Truly Arbor Care, our top priority is you!  We gladly welcome any and all of your questions!

A Couple Of My Trees Lose Their Bark All The Time. They Look Good Expect For That. What Should I Do?

Most likely, this is normal for the variety of tree you are referring to.  Know the tree variety you have and learn what is normal for it.  With some tree varieties the outer bark regularly peels off and the under bark layer is revealed. 

Tree varieties such as birch, silver maple, sycamore, redbud, and lacebark pine are amongst the varieties that exhibit this characteristic.  Know the variety of your tree and what is normal for it.

My Tree Has Looked Sick Since We Had A Bad Storm.  It’s Losing Its Bark Now.  What Is Going On?

Your tree is suffering from stress.  Even the healthiest of trees can become weak and vulnerable to tree diseases and insect infestations when being subjected to stress.  Extreme weather conditions, drastic temperature changes and such can weaken trees and cause them to exhibit unusual characteristics. 

Contact an experienced tree company and the tree expert will advise you about what you should do regarding your specific tree and personal circumstances.

How Can I Prevent Bark From Falling Off My Trees?

First and foremost, protect the health of your trees.  Trees in robust health have a higher resistance to diseases and insect problems.  Rather than battling these problems, the best defense is a proactive approach.  Entrust the care of your trees and outdoor environment to an experienced tree care company. 

Request that an ongoing tree health care maintenance program be customized exclusively for you.  No two homeowners have identical outdoor environments. 

Eliminate your stress and tree care concerns by entrusting your trees and outdoor grounds to the best arborist in Fort Worth, Texas and the surrounding cities.  Your trees are valuable investments.  Protect your living investments.  This article will help you prevent the bark from falling.

Who Can Help Me Keep My Trees Healthy?

Truly Arbor Care can!  We always provide a free consultation so we understand your specific tree care needs and issues.  Do you have a dead tree that needs tree removal services?  Do you want to protect your trees from diseases that you see your neighbor’s trees exhibiting? 

No matter what your tree care needs are, we are the experienced tree company that can handle it with proficiency and expertise.  Our extensive years of arbor care experience and the multitude of happy customers we have are proof we can be trusted! 

Give us a call at 817-697-2884 and schedule your free consultation!  We look forward to meeting you!

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