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Don’t consider it an unusual happening that your tree was struck by lightning.  Actually, thousands of trees are struck by lightning each year.  As the largest provider for full tree care service to Fort Worth and the DFW metroplex area for over 25 years, we frequently encounter trees damaged or destroyed by lightning. 

Is your tree obviously charred and burned?  Does it have branches that have been severed from it?  Approximately 50% of trees that have been struck by lightning die immediately, while others surprisingly survive.  

What Happens When A Tree Is Struck By Lightning?

When lightning strikes a tree, the tree is subjected to heat many times greater than the surface of the sun or more than 50,000 degrees Fahrenheit.  That bolt of lightning can be as much as five miles long and inflict an electrical charge of more than 100 million volts. 

This sudden shock causes the tree’s sap to boil and release steam.  The tree can explode from the force within it!  This is why it’s never a good idea to hide beneath a tree during thunderstorms!  If that tree your under should be struck by lightning, the tree could blow up and you’d be the tree’s target!  

Will My Tree Live?

It depends upon how severely your tree has been damaged.  If it was a torrential rainstorm when the lightning strike occurred, it can lessen the damage that is inflicted upon the tree because the tree’s outer bark is soaked.  Rather than the inner bark and sap being subjected to the lightning force, the lightning current travels through the outer water-soaked bark. 

If a tree is struck along one side the tree has a greater chance of survival, as it will gradually close its own wounds.  Oftentimes, trees may not appear on the surface as if they’ve suffered serious damage, but their root structure may have suffered tremendously.  It is always best to contact an experienced tree company immediately after your tree has been struck by lightning. 

What Should I Do If My Tree Is Dead?

If your tree is dead, it should be professionally removed by an experienced tree company that has extensive experience in tree removal service.  Tree removal is dangerous work!  Never attempt to do this yourself!  Truly Arbor Care is known for our high safety protocols and we have been removing dead trees and tree stumps from the property of homeowners for many years. 

We use only the finest roping, cabling and structural support systems.  Our removal vehicles are well-maintained and state-of-the-art.  You have nothing to worry about regarding your safety or the safety of your home with us! 

Our ISA certified arborists, tree care expert and our entire team of arbor care professionals are insured and bonded.  We wear company uniforms for your easy identification.  Dead trees can be a threat to life and property and should be removed for your own protection and the protection of your home and other trees.

How Do I Know If My Tree Will Survive?

The first thing you should do is to contact a tree care specialist.  Do not delay!  The certified arborist will examine your tree and provide a diagnosis report.  Sometimes it’s obvious the tree won’t live while other times it may require patience to see if the tree will begin leafing out and exhibit signs of recovery.  When in doubt, contact an arbor care professional.  

Who Should I Call That Will Help Me?

Contact the best arborist in Fort Worth, Texas. Call us today at (817) 697-2884 and schedule a complimentary consultation.  We will meet with you and discuss the options you have. 

Our family-owned and the locally-based company is known for providing the finest tree care services to be found anywhere and adhering to the high safety standards and professional ethics established by the International Society of Arboriculture.  No matter what your tree care needs are, Truly Arbor Care has got your back!  Give us a call today!

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